Destiny 2: Wandering Nightmares // Legacy Activity



NOTE: This is a Legacy activity and no longer rewards Powerful gear.

03-29-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
04-05-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
04-12-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
04-19-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
04-26-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
05-03-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
05-10-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
05-17-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
05-24-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
05-31-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
06-07-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
06-14-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
06-21-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
06-28-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
07-05-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
07-12-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
07-19-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
07-26-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
08-02-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
08-09-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
08-16-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
08-23-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
08-30-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
09-06-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
09-13-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
09-20-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
09-27-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
10-04-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
10-11-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
10-18-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
10-25-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
11-01-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
11-08-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
11-15-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
11-22-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
11-29-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
12-06-2022Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
12-13-2022Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
12-20-2022Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
12-27-2022Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
01-03-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
01-10-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
01-17-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
01-24-2023Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
01-31-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
02-07-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
02-14-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
02-21-2023Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
02-28-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
03-07-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
03-14-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
03-21-2023Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
03-28-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
04-04-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
04-11-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
04-18-2023Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
04-25-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
05-02-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
05-09-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
05-16-2023Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
05-23-2023Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
05-30-2023Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
06-06-2023Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor

The info below may be outdated. To view a larger view of the Wandering Nightmares infographic click here and zoom in for larger text.



Triumph: Shadowkeep (Required for Harbinger Title)

  • Defeating all 4 of these Wandering Nightmares is a Shadowkeep Triumph needed for the Harbinger title.

Reward: Moonshot Legendary Ghost Shell

Wandering Nightmares Triumph Guide – All 4 Locations [Destiny 2 Shadowkeep] by Esoterickk

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