Destiny 2: Weapon Crafting


Access: Requires The Witch Queen

Master the new crafting system and create custom weaponry with unique combinations of mods, shaders, and advanced stat pools. When fighting a god, leave nothing on the table.

An update was made that removed all Resonant Elements except Neutral Element.

Crafting Weapons

  • Shape: Craft a new weapon using the Patterns, Deepsight Resonance, and other materials you’ve gathered.
  • Reshape: Change the perks on a pre-existing weapon you’ve crafted.
    • Players will not be refunded materials for reshaping a weapon. Choose carefully.

Lightfall Crafting

Bungie plans on improving weapon crafting in Lightfall. Here is a look at some of their goals and strategies.

  • Goal: Reduce Deepsight weapon hoarding.
    • Strategy: Introduce alternate ways to earn Deepsight currencies. 
  • Goal: Reduce bad luck in weapon recipe unlocking.
    • Strategy: Provide opportunities within the crafting system to allow users to deterministically choose what weapon to target. 
  • Goal: Reduce loadout stress.
    • Strategy: Reduce player incentives to equip a suboptimal Deepsight or crafted weapon. 
  • Goal: Improve the value of weapons rewards from Master raid content.
    • Strategy: As mentioned in the Sandbox Q&A, give the new Lightfall raid Adept weapons access to enhanced perks. (Note that this is not going to be full, freeform crafting).

Important Note

"Starting in Lightfall, weapons that cannot be crafted will no longer drop with Deepsight. Players who currently have these weapons in their inventory should complete their Deepsight objectives and extract their Resonant Elements before February 28 to avoid the loss of Resonant Elements."

Source: This Week at Bungie on October 27, 2022

Available Now: Free Weapon Patterns

Two new patterns (recipes) are available through Foundry Quests. Both of these weapons also drop from Star Chart rank ups, legendary engrams, and reward chests.


Taipan-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle (Void)

Ammit AR2 Auto Rifle (Solar)

Foundry Shaping Quest Steps
  1. Foundry Shaping
    • Acquire the Deepsight Resonance weapon and use it to defeat combatants and complete activities to complete its objective
  2. Foundry Shaping
    • Complete an offensive activity such as Dares of Eternity or the Wellspring with your Deepsight weapon equipped.
  3. Foundry Shaping
    • Complete a Deepsight Resonance weapon objective and extract Resonant Elements.
  4. Foundry Shaping
    • Return to the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.
  5. Foundry Shaping
    • At the Relic in the Enclave on Mars, shape either Taipan-4fr or Ammit AR2.
  6. Foundry Shaping
    • Level up a Shaped weapon, unlocking new traits and rewarding Resonant Materials by completing activities and defeating combatants.
  7. Foundry Shaping
    • Return to the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.


Check out the Season of Plunder page to have a look at new weapons.



Weapon Crafting Guide

Here is a helpful guide about Weapon Crafting from

Weapon Crafting allows players to unlock the memories of weapons and use Patterns to Shape and Reshape unique weapon options.

Unlocking Deepsight

In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, players are given a new ability: Deepsight. This ability allows players to see and interact with hidden objects, including memories of weapons.

To unlock Deepsight and begin Weapon Crafting, play through the first few missions of The Witch Queen campaign on Savathûn’s Throne World. These missions are free to all players.

Unlocking Deepsight will awaken Resonant red-bordered weapons and activate latent features of others across the system. These weapons can be acquired by completing various activities and through world drop rewards.


Shaping a Weapon

Players will be given an Enigma Glaive as their first Resonant weapon to Shape. Components can be chosen to customize the Glaive (and other weapons), with more components unlocking as the Weapon Level increases. Weapons can only be Shaped at the Relic in The Enclave, accessible from the Throne World destination in the Director.

  1. Choose a Frame Intrinsic. Enhanced Intrinsic become available when a certain Weapon Level is reached.
  2. Choose a Barrel perk. The choices available will vary based on the type of weapon you are Shaping.
  3. Choose a Magazine perk. The choices available will vary based on the type of weapon you are Shaping.
  4. Choose a Trait.
  5. Choose another Trait
  6. Optional: Choose Mementos (not available on the first interaction with Crafting).
  7. Once all components are chosen, press and hold the Shape button to create the weapon.

As levels of a weapon are unlocked, so are Components. Players can interact with the Relic and Reshape weapons to use these Components.


Weapon Levels

Defeat enemies with these Resonant Weapons to increase their levels. Completing activities with the weapon equipped will also increase the weapon’s level. Increasing a weapon’s level unlocks higher quality frames and more available perks.


Attuning Weapons

Resonant Weapons contain Deepsight Resonance that must be Attuned so that the Resonant Materials can be extracted. Resonant Materials are used to improve Shaped weapons or can be used in the Shaping of new ones. Attuning weapons is near identical to weapon level progression, and can unlock Weapon Patterns. After unlocking Weapon Crafting, Resonant Weapons can be acquired by completing various activities and through world drop rewards.

Resonant Materials

Resonant Materials and Elements can be obtained by playing through regular activities in Destiny 2 that can help Shape weapons. 

Resonant Alloys

Resonant Alloys are required in order to insert an intrinsic (adaptive, aggressive, precision, etc.). While each weapon has a type of intrinsic that cannot be changed (you cannot convert a precision into an aggressive, for example), at higher weapon levels you are able to select intrinsics that have Masterwork-like stat bonuses. There are different types of Resonant Alloys, and some are specific to certain activity types, such as Raids. Resonant Alloys are primarily obtained by dismantling weapons, but can also be rewarded for completing activities.
Ascendant Alloys and Resonant Elements

Ascendant Alloys and Resonant Elements are required for Enhanced Traits. Ascendant Alloys can be obtained from weekly Witch Queen campaign missions and Throne World Offensives. Alloys can also be purchased from the Cryptarch or Banshee-44 in the Tower.
Resonant Elements

Resonant Elements are required for Perk Components. All perks require Neutral Elements, with trait perks also needing specific types of Resonant Elements.Here are examples of specific element types:
Ruinous Elements: Damage or projectile modification-related trait perks.
Adroit Elements: Weapon performance-related trait perks (handling, stability, etc.).
Mutable Elements: Ability modification-related trait perks.
Energetic Elements: Ammo or Reload-related trait perks.
Drowned Elements: Raid-exclusive trait perks.
MementosMementos are optional crafting consumables that grant vanity options to crafted weapons, such as special Shaders and Trackers. Mementos can be acquired by completing specific activities.

Weapon Patterns

To Shape a weapon, its Pattern must first be unlocked. Progress toward a Weapon Pattern unlock can be tracked in the Triumphs area under “Patterns & Catalysts.”

Weapon Patterns are primarily unlocked by Attuning red-border weapons. A few Patterns can also be unlocked through the completion of specific quests.



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