Destiny 2: Weekly Campaign Story Mission – Lightfall


Matchmaking: Only for Hero difficulty

Weekly Schedule (S21)

DateStory Mission
5-30-2023No Time Left
6-6-2023Desperate Measures
6-13-2023First Contact
7-4-2023No Time Left
7-11-2023Desperate Measures
7-18-2023First Contact
8-8-2023No Time Left
8-15-2023Desperate Measures
Challenges and Rewards

Access: Lightfall is required to access this activitiy.

Weekly Challenges

  • Complete the weekly campaign on any difficulty.

Weekly Challenge Reward: Pinnacle Gear

ℹ️ Reward drop chance increases depending on difficulty level completed on.

  • High-Stat Thunderhead Armor
  • Ascendant Alloy

All Lightfall Campaign Story Missions

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Find Osiris in the Shadow Legion fleet and sow chaos through their ranks.

Slide 1

Infiltrate the heart of Calus’s lair and destroy the Darkness relay.

Slide 1
Under Siege

Infiltrate the heart of Calus’s lair and destroy the Darkness relay.

Slide 1

Stop the Vex incursion of the Neomuni CloudArk.

Slide 1
On the Verge

Learn the ways of Strand together with Osiris.

Slide 1
No Time Left

Stop the Darkness relay from activating and creating a link between the Witness and the Veil.

Slide 1

Fully master the philosophy of Strand.

Slide 1
Desperate Measures

Fight alongside your allies in a final stand against Calus, the Disciple.

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Log – Updates and Changes

The following changes are coming for weekly Campaign Story Missions:

  • One Overcharged weapon.
  • Two weekly rotating Surges.
  • Threats depend on the type of activity.
  • Combatants are harder to stagger and have more health.
  • Three difficulty settings available:
    • Hero: -5 Power levels.
    • Legend: -15 Power levels.
    • Master: -20 Power levels.


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