Weekly Challenges and Activities


View the full weekly reset post by visiting the home page and clicking on the pinned weekly reset post or by visiting the links below. The links below will be updated every week with current weeks infographics and post.

kyber3000.com/resetpost (Full Post)

kyber3000.com/reset (Reset Summary Infographic)

kyber3000.com/raids (Weekly Raid Challenges Infographic)

To view daily modifiers, activities, forge, bounties and Spider’s Inventory click here.


The activities/challenges listed here reward powerful gear and some reward Pinnacle gear. Some challenges do not show up in-game until you are 900 Power. (Some challenges require Season of the Undying Pass and/or Shadowkeep)

T1= Tier 1 / T2= Tier 2 /  T3= Tier 3

Season 9 Power Bands:

  • Floor: 750
  • Soft Cap: 900
  • Powerful Cap: 960
  • Pinnacle Cap: 970 (This is the highest Power at which gear drops; also known as the “hard cap”. The Seasonal Artifact bonus Power allows characters to attain values above this level)


Note: Valor, Glory and Infamy Full Rank Ups and Resets reward Powerful Gear.

  • Vendor Challenges – Complete 8 bounties for each activity. (T1)
    • Vanguard: Vanguard Service
    • Gunsmith: Spare Parts
    • Crucible: Live-Fire Exercises
    • Gambit: Shady Schemes
  • Flashpoint (T1)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal
    • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (T1)
    • Complete with a team score of 100k or more (Pinnacle Gear)

The old/previous nightfall mode doesn’t reward any powerful gear, only The Ordeal does. The Ordeal can drop nightfall strike unique loot.

  • Crucible Rotator Playlist (T1) – Complete 4 matches.
  • Crucible Core Playlist (T1) – Complete 4 matches.
  • Vanguard Strikes (T1) – Complete 3 (You must use the same subclass element as the current active elemental burn.)
  • Gambit + Gambit Prime (T2) – Complete 3 Gambit or Gambit Prime matches.
  • Nightmare Hunts (T1) – Complete 3 (All difficulty tiers grant progress)
  • Eris Weekly Bounty: Luna’s Recall (T1) – Replay story mission on the Moon.
  • Clan: Clan Rewards (T2) – Earn 5K XP for your clan.
  • Eris Weekly Challenge: Luna’s Calling (T1) – Complete 1 Memory Pursuit (For example Memory of Sai Moto bounty)*
  • Ikora Weekly: Know Thy Enemy (T3) – Collect Vex parts anywhere in the system.
  • Weekly Sundial (T2) – Earn points by defeating Enforcers and Flayers in the Sundial. Flayers grant the most efficient progress.

More Ways to get Powerful Gear:

  • Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid (When your clan completes a weekly clan challenge, every member in the clan will get a powerful weapon or piece of gear for each weekly clan challenge completed. This is per account and not for ea. character)
  • Prime Engrams
  • Iron Banner
  • Year 3 Exotic Quests
  • Garden of Salvation raid


  • NF: The Ordeal – 100k Score
  • Garden of Salvation – Raid Challenges 
  • Complete a Nightmare Hunt on Master Difficulty.
  • Iron Banner Quest (Turning in tokens can drop enhanced mods)
  • Pit of Heresy Dungeon completion
  • Nightmare Hunts – Master Difficulty (Complete one)

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