Destiny 2: Weekly Nightfall & The Ordeal

OCT 08 – OCT 15


The Insight Terminus

Unique Item: The Long Goodbye – Legendary Sniper Rifle (Energy)

The Hollowed Lair

Unique Item: Mindbender’s Ambition – Legendary Shotgun (Energy)

Exodus Crash

Unique Item: Impact Velocity – Exotic Sparrow

Click here to view all of the Nightfall unique rewards available.


The Scarlet Keep (Since this Nightfall is new, it will require Shadowkeep.)


  • Adept – 750 Power
  • Hero – 920 Power
  • Legend: 950 Power
  • Master: 980 Power


  • Martyr: Exploder units have more health. (This modifier is on all difficulties. Higher difficulties have more modifiers)

Possible Unique Item:

  • N/A – No known Unique Item as of this time.

Powerful Rewards:

  • Complete 5, higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress. (T1)
  • Complete with a team score of 100k or more (Pinnacle Gear)

Note: Currently the old/previous Nightfall (shown above) no longer rewards Powerful Gear. The Ordeal is now is the source for Powerful Gear for this activity type. This Nightfall mode drops rewards up to 950 Power, except The Ordeal 100K Score Challenge which grants Pinnacle Rewards.

Click here to view all of the Nightfall unique rewards available

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