Destiny 2: Raid Challenges

APR 20 – APR 27



Weekly Challenge: Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid. (Pinnacle Gear)

  • Deep Stone Crypt: Of All Trades (3rd Encounter)
    • Each guardian must do all three roles (Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor).
  • Garden of Salvation: Staying Alive (1st Encounter)
    • Do not kill spawning Cyclopses (the Cyclopses in the first two rooms).
  • Last Wish: Which Witch (2nd Encounter)
    • Do not get hit or take damage from Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast.

NOTE: Remember to pick up the Last Wish raid challenge bounty from Hawthorne in the Tower (You do not need to pick up a bounty for the Garden of Salvation or Deep Stone Crypt raid challenges). For more info visit the Deep Stone Crypt page.

All Raid Challenges




  • Red Rover (1st Encounter/Crypt Security): All players have to be operator and shoot the two panels on lower level (This challenge requires 3 phases).
  • Copies of Copies (2nd Encounter/Atraks-1): Do not send any Debuffs into airlocks/space.
  • Of All Trades (3rd Encounter/Taniks Ph. 1): Each guardian must do all three roles (Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor). Note: Players must complete a full phase with a buff for it to count.
  • The Core Four (4th Encounter/Taniks Ph. 2): Guardians must dunk all four cores before DPS phases.

NOTE: Check out the Deep Stone Crypt Raid page for more details and guides.

How to Beat Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenge 1 – RED ROVER (Destiny 2) by Fallout Plays on YouTube << Visit their channel for more videos!

How to Beat Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenge 2 – COPIES OF COPIES (Destiny 2) by Fallout Plays on YouTube

How to Beat Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenge 3 – OF ALL TRADES (Destiny 2) by Fallout Plays on YouTube

“Of All Trades” Guide by u/JoeGibbons:

Deep Stone Crypt CHALLENGE: Core Four (How to Beat) Destiny 2 by Fallout Plays on YouTube << Check out their channel for more Destiny 2 videos!!




  • Zero to One Hundred (Fourth Encounter – Sanctified Mind): Once you deposit motes, you have 10 seconds to fully fill the bank. This applies to both banks. Credit: @AyyItsChevy (Note: If you are aiming to get the Enlightened Triumph Title here is a post listing all the requirements for this)
  • To The Top (Third Encounter): Always deposit Ten (x10) motes at a time to summon the boss.
  • A Link to the Chain (Second Encounter): All six fire team members must replenish enlightenment at the same time.
  • Leftovers (First Encounter): Complete the first 2 rooms without killing specific Cyclopes.

How to beat Destiny 2’s ‘Staying Alive’ Garden of Salvation raid challenge by

How to Beat the Leftovers Garden of Salvation Challenge by

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Leftovers Raid Triumph – Staying Alive Challenge by Speer Gaming on YouTube

NEW “A Link to the Chain” Raid Challenge Guide! | Shadowkeep by KackisHD on YouTube




  • The Summoning Ritual (Kalli): Activate all 9 plates, kill all Knights, and kill all Ogres in the middle before doing damage to Kalli.
  • Which Witch Challenge (Shuro Chi): Do not get hit/take damage from Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast.
  • Forever Fight (Morgeth): Do not kill the small Ogres.
  • Keep Out (Vault): Unlock the vault and keep Might of Riven Knights out of the center room.

Shuro Chi “Which Witch” Challenge Guide by

How to Beat the Summoning Ritual Challenge in Last Wish Raid by

Keep Out Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge guide by

How to Beat the Vault Challenge the Last Wish Raid by

Destiny 2: How to Complete The Forever Fight Bounty – Morgeth’s Challenge by GernaderJake

“Which Witch” Challenge Guide – Shuro Chi – Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 : Forsaken | Weekly Raid Challenge – The Summoning Ritual – New Level 4 Clan Reward!!

Last Wish “Keep Out” Vault Challenge by Sweatcicle

  • Strength of Memory (Riven): Players must not shoot the same Riven eye more than once.

How to complete the Last Wish Strength of Memory challenge in Destiny 2 by


Leviathan Challenges | Prestige Raid Lairs Challenge

Crown of Sorrow | Last Wish | Scourge of the Past

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