Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (09/18 – 09/25)

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Starts: Tuesday, September 18 @ 10AM PT

Ends: Tuesday, September 25 @ 10AM PT

I am currently working on cleaning up the weekly reset infographic shown above so it is not in it’s final form and will go through some more changes until it’s completed. Overall the weekly reset infographic will feature weekly activities that reward powerful engrams/gear.  For the time being I will do my best to continue posting the weekly reset and weekend summary posts however posts may not be made or could be made later than usual throughout this month while I get things updated. If it is not posted and you are looking for weekly reset and/or Destiny 2 info I highly  recommend checking out @nicregis for the awesome weekly reset infographics he makes and/or the Destiny 2 Reddit. (For Fortnite Item Shop info you may check and/or fortnitecosmetics.)

Destiny 2 WEEKLY RESET! Iron Banner Inventory, New Petra Location, All Powerful Gear Sources 9-18 by Mesa Sean

Activities not listed below that reward Powerful Gear:

Guardian of All: Complete 20 bounties of any type (Challenge with Ikora)

Weekly Strike Challenge: Complete 3 strikes using the same sub-class light element as a team member (Weekly Singe: Solar. Check in-game for daily modifiers. The modifiers will be the same for strikes, heroic adventures and heroic daily story missions)

Heroic Daily Story: Complete 3 Daily Story missions.

Weekly Vendor Challenge (Petra): Complete 3 Weekly Bounties on the Dreaming City.

Ascendant Challenge (Petra): Enter the portal at the Spine of Keres near the cliffs on the right side of where you give the offering. (watch guide)

The Oracle Engine (Petra)

Daily Heroic Adventure: Check in-game to see where and what the adventure is.


Remember to check in-game for new bounties, activities (daily strike, crucible, and gambit), and challenges NPC’s have like Ikora. (Spider and Petra both have had bounties you may pick up each week to earn powerful gear)

Everyday at reset you should see you have Prime Attunement, this buff allows you to earn powerful engram(s) by defeating challenging enemies (Click here to get more details about Prime Attunement and Engrams.)

See the source image

Last Wish Raid (Requires Forsaken)

Available Now! The Recommended Power is 550. Here are the names of the bosses and encounters you will face in the Last Wish raid:

  1. Kalli, the Corrupted
  2. Shuro Chi, the Corrupted
  3. Morgeth, the Spirekeeper
  4. Vault Security Mechanism Puzzle
  5. Riven of a Thousand Voices
  6. Take the stone to Techeun – Queenswalk

View the Last Wish raid page for guides and more information, please keep in mind I am currently updating this page so more details will be added periodically.

Leviathan Raid Challenge Mode

Weekly Order:Baths > Dogs > Gauntlet > Calus

Challenge Mode: The Throne, Calus

Challenge Requirement: Activate all four plates at the same time and before doing any damage to Calus.

Guaranteed Challenge Rewards: A Raid Specific Item, Challenge Mode Emblem, and Tokens.

Challenge Video Guide 

Destiny 2: How to Do The Calus Challenge Mode – Leviathan Raid by Datto

Prestige Raid Lairs (Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars)

Recommended Power: 380

Modifier – Arsenal:

Weapons have no reserve ammo. Emptying the clip of a weapon refills the clips of your holstered weapons.

Armsmaster Required Loadout:

Kinetic: Auto Rifle

Energy: Auto Rifle

Power: Anything

Rewards: 400 Power Weapon and Armor Ornaments (exotic catalysts have a chance to drop)

Note: Rewards may drop higher (possibly at least at the soft cap of 500) however I still need to confirm this.

Weekly Nightfall

Challenges (Rewards Powerful Gear)

  • Weekly Nightfall Challenge: Complete this week’s Nightfall.
  • Weekly Score Challenge: Complete a Nightfall with a team high-score above 100,000.

The Insight Terminus

Unique Item: The Long Goodbye – Legendary Sniper Rifle (Energy)

Exodus Crash

Unique Item: Impact Velocity – Exotic Sparrow

Savathûn’s Song

Unique Item: Duty Bound – Legendary Auto Rifle


Complete the nightfall to receive a ‘challenge card’ (If you already have one, this will still be in your inventory)

Add burns / increase the difficulty on the challenge card to increase the scoring modifier for your run

Get a highscore and earn unique weapons and exotic accessories. The higher the score, the higher your chance.

Click here to learn more about Nightfall Unique Rewards.

See the source image

Weekly Flashpoint Challenge: Tangled Shore

Complete various activities on the Tangled Shore including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures.

Rewards: Powerful Gear

Weekly Crucible Challenge

  • Complete 5 matches in the Crucible.

Rewards: Powerful Gear

Weekly Crucible Playlist: Iron Banner

Weekly Clan Challenge

  • Earn 5,000 XP for your clan – Complete clan bounties to earn XP.

Rewards: Powerful Gear

Weekly Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid. (Each engram earned rewards powerful gear, once per week and per account)

Weekly Gambit Challenges

  • Complete 1 daily match (resets daily)
  • Complete 3 matches  (weekly, once per character)

Rewards: Powerful Gear

Escalation Protocol (Requires Warmind Expansion)

Recommended Power: 370 | Max Players: 9 (3 per fireteam)

Final Boss: Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol—a black Knight with an extremely high amount of health. No major mechanic, but requires extensive firepower to take down.

Weapons: All weapons can drop this week!

Ikelos Sniper Rifle

Ikelos Shotgun

Ikelos SMG

More Info: Read more about Escalation Protocol here

Eververse Weekly Inventory

Ghost Shells and Emotes:

Skewed Orbit Shell – Legendary Shell (400 BD)

Potential Dance – Legendary Emote (700 BD)

Shiver – Rare Emote (400 BD)

Ships and Sparrows:

Aeviternal XXII – Exotic Ship (2000 BD)

Andromeda Gleaming – Legendary Ship (500 BD)

Jagged Sunstreak – Legendary Ship (600 BD)

Thermal Runway – Legendary Ship (600 BD)

Ridgerunner Rex – Legendary Ship (600 BD)


Black Plague – Rat King Exotic Ornament (800 BD)

Lethal System – Hard Light Exotic Ornament (800 BD)

Hunter: Turbo-Kickers – St0mp-EE5 Exotic Ornament (1500 BD)



Armor – Exotic Ornaments This Week ^

Shaders and Mods

Molten Bronze – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Veist Poison Shimmer – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Dominus Ghaul Effects – Legendary Transmat Effect: Adds stolen Light to your transmat effects. (450 BD)

Siver Beam Effects – Rare Transmat Effect: Adds a silver beam to your transmat effects. (150 BD)


Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard– When this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (250 BD)

Gleaming Boon of the Crucible– When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (600 BD)

Fireteam Medallion – Increases XP gains and loot for you and your fireteam from strikes, public events, and the crucible for 4 hours. (50 BD)

Prismatic Matrix:

Cleans Up Good Exotic DARCI Ornament

Warriors Steed Exotic Vehicle

Hunter Eververse Helmet

Titan Eververse Gauntlets

Warlock Eververse Chest

Chevron Legendary Shell

Subatomic Ivory Legendary Main Ingridient Ornament

Impolite Company Legendary Ship

Jubilee Pronto Legendary Vehicle

Rev it up Rare Emote

Video uploading, will be added soon…

Xûr // Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, September 14 @ 10AM PDT

Departs: Tuesday, September 18 @ 10AM PDT

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.

Iron Banner

Begins: Live Now!

Ends: Tuesday, September 25 @ 10AM PDT

Game Mode: Control

Make sure to pick up bounties, Saladin has one that rewards powerful gear!

Info from Bungie’s TWAB post: Enabling Power advantages is not the only change coming to Iron Banner. Lord Saladin will present seven weekly bounties for you to complete. Each bounty rewards you with an Iron Banner-themed reward, and two of these bounties in particular grant powerful rewards. There are no exceptions: All Iron Banner-themed weapons and armor have the chance to be rewarded when bounties are completed.

The original Iron Lord will also be offering armor for direct purchase, as well as two weapons with unique rolls per event. You can gain access to purchase these items by completing their associated bounties.

If you have tokens left over from Season 3, these may be redeemed in Season 4 for reputation packages. As with bounties, all Iron Banner-themed weapons and armor may be earned through reputation packages from Lord Saladin.

To wrap up rewards, post-match drops are also returning to Iron Banner. Both Crucible and Iron Banner rewards will drop at match completion.

Recent News and Updates (view recent news and updates at

Sept 18: Hotfix 2.0.3 – The One About Bounties and Offerings

Sept 14: This Week at Bungie – Raiders of Dreaming City

Sept 14: Hotfix – The One About Weekly Challenge Resets

Sept 11: Hotfix 2.0.2 – The One After-Saken

Find out more details about Year Two Seasons and the Annual Pass:

Beyond Launch – Year Two Seasons and Annual Pass

Bungie Rewards

Started with Destiny 2: Forsaken. The first offer is for any player who signs up by opting in and verifying their email and completes the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign by the end of September will receive a free digital download of the Destiny 2: Forsaken Original Soundtrack, 110 minutes of music plus two bonus tracks from the Whisper of the Worm quest that are available only through this offer.

As the Season of the Outlaw rolls on, Bungie Rewards will offer additional collector’s items to earn, acquire and unlock that are uniquely crafted to commemorate various tiers of in game accomplishments.

To sign up, you can visit the Bungie Rewards page now. As new offers are added to Bungie Rewards, we’ll update the page with more details.

In addition to Bungie Rewards going live, Bungie will also be giving away the Pursuit of Dreams in-game Destiny 2 emblem with any purchase from the Bungie Store now through November 28.

Source: (view original article)

Bungie Rewards - Destiny 2: Forsaken Original Soundtrack + Whisper of the Worm Bonus Tracks

Forsaken (Visit Official Website)

Available Now! To buy Forsaken and get more details: CLICK HERE!

For more Forsaken guides click here. I hope you all are enjoying Forsaken and have a great week!


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