Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (02/05 – 02/12)


Starts: Tuesday, February 05 @ 9AM PST

Ends: Tuesday, February 12 @ 9AM PST

Note: ⭐ The star symbol means that activity rewards powerful gear. If you would like to see info not shown here or see any info that is incorrect please leave a comment or message me, your feedback is always appreciated!

Destiny 2. WEEKLY RESET! Exotic Quest, Weapon Frames, Nightfalls, Ascendant Challenge, Vendor Items by Mesa Sean on YouTube  << Click to subscribe for more Destiny videos!


Recommended Power: 640, but has no minimum Power requirement

⭐ Weekly Challenge: All For One, One For All

  • All players in the fireteam must “collect” each buff in the vault encounter. (Meaning that everyone individually has to obtain and dunk the Continuous, Angular and Parallel buffs BEFORE the boss is killed. If the boss is killed too early, the challenge is failed. Source: Reddit)

Destiny 2: Black Armory | All for One and One for All – New Level 4 Clan Reward!! by Speer Gaming on You Yube << Click link to subscribe for more Destiny 2 videos!

Note: To pick up Scourge of the Past raid challenge bounties with Hawthorne your clan must be rank 4. Click here to learn more and view guides.

See the source image


⭐ Weekly Challenge: Which Witch (Shuro Chi)

  • Do not get hit by Shuro Chi’s sniper shot.

Last Wish raid guide – Shuro Chi “Which Witch” challenge by

“Which Witch” Challenge Guide – Shuro Chi – Destiny 2 Forsaken

Note: Your clan does not have to be rank 4 to pick up these raid challenges with Hawthorne. You only need access to the Last Wish raid in order to get Last Wish challenges. View this page for more info about the Last Wish raid.

PRESTIGE RAID LAIRS (Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars)

Recommended Power: 380

Modifier – Prism

  • Attacks matching the periodically rotating focused element do more damage. Other elemental damage is reduced. Incoming damage is unaffected.

Armsmaster Required Loadout:

These are the types of weapons required for Prestige Raid Lairs.

  • Kinetic: SMG
  • Energy: Anything
  • Power: Grenade Launcher


⭐ Weekly Nightfall Challenge: Complete this week’s Nightfall.

⭐ Weekly Score Challenge: Complete a Nightfall with a team high-score above 100,000.

Warden of Nothing

Prison of Elders. Help the Drifter restore order at the Prison of Elders.

Unique Item: Warden’s Law – Legendary Hand Cannon (Kinetic)

The Pyramidion

Io. Seek vengeance against the Vex Mind that corrupted Asher’s arm.

Unique Item: Silicon Neuroma – Legendary Sniper Rifle

Strange Terrain

Mars. Defeat Nokris before he completes his ritual.

Unique Item: BrayTech Osprey – Legendary Rocket Launcher

Click here to learn more about Nightfall Unique Rewards.


⭐ NESSUS – Complete various activities on Io including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures.

View guides on how to complete heroic public events here.


Weekly Location: The Strand

⭐ Rewards Powerful Gear:

  • Weekly Vendor Challenge: Complete 2 Weekly Bounties on the Dreaming City.
  • War for the Dreaming City: Complete 8 daily bounties on the Dreaming City.
  • Broken Courier Quest: Respond to a distress call in the Strand.
  • Ascendant Challenge: Agonarch Abyss, Bay of Drowned Wishes


  • Gateway Between Worlds: Complete Blind Well on The Dreaming City to receive an offering for the Oracle.
  • Blind Well: Scorn, Plagues: Sikariis & Varkuuriis


⭐ Wanted Bounty: Gravetide Summoner 

  • Hunt down the wanted Gravetide Summoner who escaped from the Prison of Elders.

Weekly Material Exchange:

1 Enhancement Cores

  • Cost: x10 Legendary Shards (Cost increases if you buy more than one)

1 Legendary Shards

  • Cost: x10 Datalattice 

2500 Glimmer

  • Cost: x5 Alkane Dust

5 Phaseglass

  • Cost: x5000 Glimmer

5 Seraphite

  • Cost: x5000 Glimmer

5 Simulation Seeds

  • Cost: x1 Legendary Shards

5 Datalattice

  • Cost: x5000 Glimmer

ADA-1 (Black Armory – Annual Pass Required)

Location: Fast Travel Node at Tower

⭐ Weekly Challenge

  • Recipe for Success:  Complete Weapon Frames – Successfully forge multiple weapon frames in the lost forges of the Black Armory.

⭐ Weapon Frames – 1 Ballistics Log each

Note: To view the other bounties and items Ada-1 has this week visit the Destiny 2 Reddit page.


⭐ Clan Rewards: Earn 5,000 XP for your clan – Complete clan bounties to earn XP.

⭐ Raid Challenge Bounties: Which Witch (Last Wish) and All For One, One For All (Scourge of the Past)

⭐ Weekly Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid. (Your clan may earn one powerful engram for each of the activities listed per week for all members in the clan)

View weekly raid challenges (clan bounties) for Last Wish and Scourge of the Past here.


⭐ Complete 1 daily match (resets daily)

⭐ Complete 3 matches  (weekly, once per character)


Recommended Power: 370 | Max Players: 9 (3 per fireteam)

Final Boss: Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol—a black Knight with an extremely high amount of health. No major mechanic, but requires extensive firepower to take down.

Weapons: Ikelos Sniper Rifle | Ikelos Shotgun | Ikelos SMG

More Info: Read more about Escalation Protocol here.


Weekly Singe: Arc (strikes, adventures, and heroic story missions)

  • Weekly Guardian of All Challenge with Ikora: Complete 20 bounties of any type.
  • Weekly Strike Challenge: Complete 3 strikes using the same sub-class light element as a team member. Complete 1 strike each day for powerful gear.
  • Weekly Heroic Daily Story: Complete 3 Daily Story missions.
  • Daily Heroic Adventure: Check in-game to see what the adventure is.
  • Weekly Crucible: Complete 5 matches in the Crucible.
  • Daily Crucible: Complete 1 match in the Crucible.

Weekly Crucible Playlist: Lockdown

Weekly Order: Gardens > Gauntlet > Pools > Calus


To view daily modifiers for adventures and etc click here.

Remember to check in-game for new bounties, activities (daily strike, crucible, and gambit), and challenges NPC’s have like Ikora. Everyday at reset you should see you have Prime Attunement, this buff allows you to earn powerful engram(s) by defeating challenging enemies. (Click here to get more details about Prime Attunement and Engrams)


Ghost Shells and Emotes:

Dark Days Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell (400 BD)

S’mores – Exotic Emote (3250 BD)

You’re The Guardian – Rare Emote (400 BD)

Ships and Sparrows:

Technical Meltdown – Legendary Ship (500 BD)

In Medias Res – Legendary Ship (500 BD)

Mad Son of Seychelles – Legendary Sparrow (600 BD)

Vega Wave – Exotic Sparrow (600 BD)


Suros Chrome – SUROS Regime Ornament (800 BD)

Eye of Osiris – Prometheus Lens Ornament (1250 BD)

Legendary Armor – Chest Armor (1200 BD)

Hunter: Vanguard Dare Vest – Legendary Chest Armor



Shaders and Mods

Metropolitan Acoustics – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Midnight Talons – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Signal Processed – Legendary Transmat Effect: Adds a firing synapse to your transmat effects. (450 BD)

Purple Beam Effects – Rare Transmat Effect: Adds a purple beam to your transmat effects. (150 BD)


Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard– When this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (250 BD)

Gleaming Boon of the Crucible– When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (600 BD)

Fireteam Medallion – Increases XP gains and loot for you and your fireteam from strikes, public events, and the crucible for 4 hours. (50 BD)

Prismatic Matrix:

Rust Punk Shell – Exotic Ghost Shell

Thanatonaut’s Peil – Exotic Ornament for Mask of the Quiet One (Titan)

Three As One Projection – Legendary Ghost Projection

Symmetrists’ Mask – Warlock Helmet

Vanguard Dare Casque – Hunter Helmet

Switftrook – Legendary Sparrow

Chrome Crab Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell

Granite Burrow – Legendary Ship

Cosmonaut Galahad – Legendary Sparrow

Silly Salute – Rare Emote


Arrives: Friday, February 08 @ 9 AM PST

Departs: Tuesday, February 12 @ 9 AM PST

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.


Crimson Days is coming soon. It was originally scheduled to start on February 5. That date is being shifted slightly. Grab your partner and get ready for action and rewards.

Begins: February 12, 2019

Ends: February 19, 2019 

Full details will be posted closer to the day of release.

RECENT NEWS & UPDATES (View recent news and updates at

Jan 31: This Week at Bungie – Quick on the Draw

Jan 25: This Week at Bungie – Power Up

Jan 10: Our Destiny – Future of the Franchise

To find out more about the Annual Pass visit: and read the article by Bungie: The Road Ahead – New Seasons. New Challenges. New Rewards.


via Bungie blog post

Since Forsaken launched, we’ve been gathering feedback concerning clans, their progression, and their rewards. Today, we have Design Lead Steve Dolan and Senior Designer Mark Uyeda back in the hot seats, speaking to what the team has planned!

Steve and Mark: Hey everybody! Steve Dolan and Mark Uyeda here to give you an update on what you can expect for Clan Progression in Season of the Drifter.

These past two seasons, we tried some new things. During that time we’ve gathered hard data, heard a ton of feedback (thanks, Cozmo and Dmg!), and now we’re going to walk you through what’s next.

Whenever we’re talking game design, it’s always good to discuss the design’s goals. In Forsaken, we were trying to create:

  • Stronger clans where players can make new friends in Destiny
  • Stronger incentives for clans to play with their clanmates

We feel good about how many of these changes affected large and strong clans, but we’ve also received a ton of feedback from the community that the Forsaken changes effected smaller and less hardcore clans less positively. These clans feel like they can no longer hit the levels they had in the past. We also heard that there is just too much emphasis on doing daily bounties. As a result of this feedback, we took some of the clan progression mechanics back to the workbench and made changes to improve the experience.

Starting in Season 6:

  • We’re returning to the Destiny 2 launch system for gaining clan experience. Go play activities in the game and you will earn clan XP and level up your clan.
      • As a result, daily clan bounties are no longer needed, and have been removed from the game.
  • There are now three weekly bounties that require playing with your clanmates to complete.
      • There will always be one PvE, Raid, and PvP weekly bounty from Hawthorne. They reward Legendary gear and a big chunk of clan XP.
  • As your clan levels its banner, the rewards you receive from these bounties grow.
      • At rank three, you earn mod components when completing a weekly bounty.
      • At rank four, you earn enhancement cores when completing a weekly bounty.
      • At rank six, your clan will unlock a fourth weekly bounty.

We also wanted to briefly talk about the tier 5 perk for Season 6. The perk reads, “Crucible and Strike catalysts have an increased drop rate when playing with clanmates.” For those of you who haven’t found all the available catalysts, you’ll have a better chance to find the ones you’re missing. If you already have them all (lucky you), we plan to release a few more from our Year 1 reserve during Season of the Drifter for you to chase. They won’t be released day one of Season 6, but keep your eyes on the patch notes for availability.

We hope these changes will help keep clans of all sizes thriving and chasing after each Season’s rewards. As always, we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a great week!


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