Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (11/21/17 – 11/28/17)

Starts: Tuesday, November 21 @ 1AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, November 28 @ 1AM Pacific

Note: The D2 Weekly Reset post and summary image will be posted a bit later than usual on Tuesday, November 28th. 

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset! IRON BANNER! Nightfall, Eververse Exotics, Milestones, Powerful Gear & More! by MesaSean

Leviathan Raid

Weekly Order

Pleasure Gardens > Royal Pools > Gauntlet > Emperor Calus

Challenge Mode: Emperor Calus

Challenge Requirement

On each damage phase, you must activate all 4 plates before doing any damage to Calus.

Challenge Rewards

A Raid Specific Item and Take the Throne Challenge Emblem


Powerful Gear – You may get raid loot from the chests after successfully completing an encounter but it is not guaranteed (sometimes the chest do not drop any loot). Tokens that you may use with Benedict-99 at the Tower is the main way you will obtain raid loot.

Tokens – You will receive reputation tokens from each encounter in the raid. Visit vendor Benedict 99-40 in the Tower after you have completed the raid to rank up and earn raid specific rewards. If you are in a clan and your clan completes a raid with at least 3 clan members, you will be able to pick up one raid engram per week and per account with Hawthorne at the Tower.

Raid Chest Keys – Drops at each encounter, except Calus. Remember to use keys before each reset as they will be removed from your inventory every reset. These chests can drop legendary and exotic engrams, tokens, and other items however they do not drop raid specific loot.

Legendary Engrams – Engrams can drop from enemies in the raid. 

Challenge Video Guides

DESTINY 2 | Calus Challenge Mode Raid Guide by Arekkz Gaming

More Info

View the Normal Raid page

View the Prestige Raid page

View the Challenge Modes page

Nightfall // The Pyramidion

Seek vengeance against the Vex mind that corrupted Asher’s arm.


Torrent – Boundless power erupts from within. Your abilities recharge much faster. Use them to shatter your foes.

Timewarp (Zero Hour) – The mission timer cannot be extended. Choose your battles carefully.


Speed Of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.

Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.

Siege Engine – Do not allow Brakion to remain shielded for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.


Luminous Vanguard Engram

Flashpoint // IO

Complete public events on IO.


Luminous Planetary Engram

Note: Remember to also pick up the weekly Treasure Chest Maps with Cayde-6 at the Tower.

Call To Arms

Compete in the Crucible to get a powerful reward. (Quickplay or Competitive)


Luminous Crucible Engram

Weekly Meditations

Meditations currently update in-game @10AM Pacific, info will be updated after that time. 

Fury – Help Ikora use the Warmind on lO to learn more about the Almighty – and turn the tide of the war.

Unbroken – Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries – by any means necessary.

Payback – Time for Zavala’s grand entrance – finally attacking the Red Legion base in the EDZ head-on.


Vanguard Research Reputation Bundle (Tokens w/Ikora)

Eververse Weekly Inventory

Get Up (Blue Emote) – 400 BD

SPICY RAMEN (Exotic Emote) – 3,250 BD

DINAS EMRYS (Exotic Sparrow) – 2,500 BD

Imprint (Legendary Ship) – 500 BD

SYMMETRY FLIGHT (Exotic Ship) – 2,000 BD

Symbiosis (STURM ornament) – 800 BD

Tesla’s Revenge (WARDCLIFF ornament) – 800 BD

Optimacy HELMET – 1,200 BD

Heraldic Shell (EDZ) – 250 BD

Hunter Shell (Crucible) – 250 BD

Frumious Blue – 40 BD

Xenosilver – 40 BD

Bumblebee – 40 BD

Fireteam Medallion – 50 BD

Source: BCharlotte via Reddit

Starts: Tuesday, November 21 @ 1AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, November 28 @ 1AM Pacific

Game Type: Clash

View Daily Iron Banner Challenges (Rewards Reputation Tokens)

While this will be the second round for console players, PC Guardians are invited to their first Iron Banner event. To compete, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Complete the Destiny 2 campaign – the only way to reach the Tower
  • Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin the Iron Banner Quest
  • Launch into the Iron Banner playlist

Iron Banner rewards may be earned through reputation tokens turned in to Lord Saladin. Challenges will be offered each day for additional token rewards, along with Milestones to track progress.

This Iron Banner is your last chance to earn the Season 1 Iron Banner Emblem, Shades of Radegast, granted when completing the Seasonal Milestone:

Iron Banner will return in Season 2 with new rewards and new ways to earn them.

Weekend Activities

Xûr // Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, November 24 @ 1AM Pacific

Departs: Tuesday, November 28 @ 1AM Pacific

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.

Trials of the Nine 

Starts: Friday, November 24 @ 10AM Pacific

Ends: Friday, November 28 @ 1AM Pacific

More Weekly Reset Info/Links

Reminder: If you’re in a clan you also earn a Luminous Engrams (w/Hawthorne) for the first 4 activities completed with clan members. Those activities are nightfall, crucible, raid, and trials. Keep in mind to earn the clan engrams the fireteam must consist of at least 1/2 clan members, such as in a raid 3 of the fireteam members must be in the clan or in crucible there must be at least 2 clan members.

View these weekly activities on

Weekly Reset Mega-thread on Reddit

Check vendor info, stats, and more on Destiny Tracker

Expansion One: Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris and Season 2 Releases on December 5th, 2017 for console and PC.

Official Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris Website

Watch Reveal Trailer.

Read more details on the Curse of Osiris Info Page via Kyber’s Corner.

Curse of Osiris: Stream Two – New Ways to Play

Watch Bungie preview some of the new activities that will challenge you and your Fireteam.

November 21 @ 11AM PST

Watch at: | View Stream Schedule and Watch Past Broadcasts

Watch Stream Two Reveal:

Upcoming Curse of Osiris Reset Changes

With the release of Curse of Osiris, Ritual Resets will no longer take place at 1 AM Pacific. Starting December 5, resets will occur at 1700 UTC.

Throughout Destiny 1’s lifespan, players would frequently encounter an issue where weekly resets would not always coincide with content releases. This would prevent impacted players from earning new rewards. Countermeasures were taken by disabling activity playlists, but we were unable to prevent every scenario. Additionally, we’re seeking to align the Milestone resets with event availability, such as Trials of the Nine or Iron Banner, to provide a uniform experience for players to follow each week.

The following is a short list of time zone conversions from 1700 UTC. If you do not see your local time below, we advise using an online time zone converter to prepare for the upcoming change.

  • 9 AM PST
  • 12 PM EST
  • 5 PM GMT
  • 9 PM MSK
  • 2 AM JST
  • 4 AM AEDT
  • 6 AM NZDT

Starting December 5th, the Weekly Reset and Weekend News posts will also change to be posted around 9:00 am Pacific. Hope you all have a great week!

Kyber3000 🙂

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