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on Instagram and SleetyPaper on Twitter

You may also view giveaway winners at:

Winners must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Thank you all for following and entering this giveaway. There will be more giveaways to come 🙂

<3 Kyber3000


From: April 29 @ 12:00AM – May 14 @ 11:59PM (Pacific Time)

How to enter: To have a valid entry you will need to confirm you follow Kyber3000 on at least one of the following Kyber’s Corner via WordPress, Twitter, Twitch, and/or Instagram. You may confirm you follow on more than one website listed to get more than one entry but only one is  required to have a valid entry.

How many winners: 2 Winners will be contacted on May 15 and sent the prize by May 16. If a winner does not respond within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.

Prize: 2 Winners will get (1) USD Digital Gift Card/Code for their choice of $25 Xbox/Microsoft, $20 Playstation, or $25 Amazon. Winner chooses one of those places for their digital gift card/code, not all three. (Playstation doesn’t seem to have an option for $25 so the card/code for the PS option will be $20 USD)

For those that live outside of the US: Unfortunately, you may not be able to enter this giveaway if a gift card/code bought in the US and in US dollars won’t work for those in another country. I will be looking into ways I can have giveaways so anyone in any country can enter, that’s what I wanted with this one but didn’t think about that being issue before I started this current giveaway. There will be another giveaway planned once I figure out how anyone could enter regardless of the country they live in.

Notes: Please do not send messages regarding this giveaway unless it is something important. I like to do giveaways every now and then to say thank you to those that have supported me and I wish everyone that entered could win but since I cannot do that I will try to have giveaways periodically for those following. I use Gleam at the time to have a fair giveaway and I do not have control over who is chosen as the winners. Please make sure you give correct info when you enter or your entry could be invalid.

Thank you so much for following and all of your support!!

💜 Kyber3000

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