Fortnite Battle Royale: Featured and Daily Cosmetic Items Available

You may now view Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Featured and Daily Cosmetic Inventory on this site. I have been posting them on Twitter and Instagram for some time now and have decided to post them here as well. There is now a permanent page that will be updated daily showing the items available (view page). This page (as well as on Twitter and Instagram) should be updated daily by 6pm Pacific the latest (it’s updated at 5pm PDT in-game). If I haven’t updated the inventory, I suggest checking out @fortnitebr on Twitter, they post awesome Fortnite Battle Royale content.  If you are looking for updates and news for Fortnite Battle Royale click here to view on this site or visit the official website for Fortnite at: (Note: always be careful not to visit or click on fake links for Fortnite).

Thanks for reading 🙂


Featured Items:

Radiant Striker – Outfit (1200 VB)

Brilliant Striker – Outfit (1200 VB)

Spectral Axe – Tool (800 VB)

Prismatic – Glider (800 VB)

Daily Items:

Breakin’ – Emote (800 VB)

Flapper – Emote (500 VB)

Brite Bomber – Outfit (1200 VB)

Commando – Outfit (800 VB)

Spiky – Tool (800 VB)

Hot Rod – Glider (500 VB)

(video) Fortnite BR: Weekly Featured and Daily Cosmetic Items 03/13/2018

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