Fortnite Battle Royale: All Cosmetic Items Available on 03/20/2018


Below includes all the Weekly Featured and Daily Cosmetic Items Available on 03/20/2018. This post will only be made when weekly featured items reset however daily items are still updated every day here. (The video below shows every item available.)

Inventory update time is: 5:00pm Pacific.

Featured Items on 03/20/18 

Wukong – Outfit (2000 VB)

Crimson Scout – Outfit (800 VB)

Scarlet Defender – Outfit (800 VB)

Royale Dragon – Tool (2000 VB)

Dragon Axe – Tool (800 VB)

Daily Items on 03/20/18

Breakin’ – Emote (800 VB)

Gun Show – Emote (200 VB)

Spiky – Tool (800 VB)

Circuit Breaker – Outfit (1200 VB)

Tactics Officer – Outfit (800 VB)

Gum Drop – Glider (800 VB)

Watch Video – Fortnite BR: Featured Cosmetic Items Available on 03/20/2018

Watch Video – Fortnite BR: All Cosmetic Items Available on 03/20/2018

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