Fortnite Battle Royale Cosmetic Items Coming Soon!

Datamined 4.3 patch files revealed some cosmetic items that will be coming soon to the Battle Royale Item Shop.

Flytrap – Outfit (Legendary) and Ventura – Outfit (Epic)


Scoundrel – Outfit (Epic) and Rapscallion – Outfit (Epic)


Jumpshot – Outfit (Rare) and Triple Threat – Outfit (Rare)


Tendril – Pickaxe (Rare) and Slam Dunk – Pickaxe (Rare)


Nite Owl (Rare) and Starry Night (Rare)


Hang Time (Epic) and Venus Flyer (Epic)


Burgle Bag (Epic) and Strongbox (Epic)


Rare Emotes Coming Soon 

Credit/Source: @TwoEpicBuddies and |

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