Fortnite Battle Royale – V.2.3.0 Server Update – NA West & East Coast Servers

V.2.3.0 Server Update: NA West & East Coast Server

by [EPIC] MrPopoTFS Today, 12:02 AM

Hey Folks,

With the launch of 2.3.0, we will be making some changes to our Server Regions in North America. Wondering what that means and how it affects you? Take a look at our mini-FAQ below:

  • North America will be split into: NA East + NA West.
  • NA East servers are located in: Virginia and Ohio (this is currently NA today).
  • NA West servers are located in: Northern California and Oregon (new).
  • Many players on west coast U.S. + Canada, along with parts of Mexico, will have ping improvement ranging from minor to major (ping cut in half in some cases).
  • You should auto-route to the most optimal region, but we recommend double checking your settings once 2.3.0 is live.
  • Playing with friends in other regions is still 100% seamless. You just party up as normal and the Party Leader’s region will determine the region for the match.
  • Why are there now two datacenters per region?:
    • Matches are currently randomly distributed between them (Virginia/Ohio for NA East for example).
    • Long-term we are looking to make this more intelligent and seamlessly group players into the best possible experience.
    • The datacenters within each region have very small ping variance for majority of players.
    • We need to run in multiple datacenters to support player counts and have redundancy in the case of datacenter-specific issues.


The Fortnite Team

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