Fortnite: Cosmetic Items Coming Soon to Battle Royale

The latest patch v4.2.0 revealed some of the cosmetics we should expect to see over the coming weeks. (Source:

Toxic Trooper – Outfit (Epic) and Hazard Agent – Outfit (Epic)


Venturion – Outfit (Epic) and Moisty Merman – Outfit (Legendary)


Bandolier – Outfit (Epic) and Director’s Cut – Pickaxe (Rare)


Airfoil – Pickaxe (Rare) and Autocleave – Pickaxe (Rare)


Stop Axe – Pickaxe (Rare) and Meltdown – Glider (Uncommon)


Triumph – Glider (Uncommon) and Mertank – Back Bling (Legendary)


Contagion – Back Bling (Epic) and Pathogen – Back Bling (Epic)


Emotes (Rarities as coloured)

Click here to check out more details about emotes coming soon!

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