Bungie Game2Give 2022 Fundraiser ❤️ Get Exclusive In-Game Items

The Game2Give fundraiser has ended.

We raised a total of $1,825 this year! Thank you all for your kindness and generous donations for the Game2Give 2022 fundraiser. 💝

Bungie has extended the Game2Give fundraiser, it now ends December 31, 2022

The annual Game2Give fundraising campaign is live! This year the goal is to beat what we raised last year, let’s do it for the #LittleLights!

Thank you for your support and your generous donations to the Game2Give fundraiser! ❤️

Get Exclusive In-Game Loot

$10+: Arc Propellant emblem

$25+: Respite’s Focus emblem

$60+: Tenderhearted Shell exotic Ghost

for a limited-time all donations of $60 or more also receive the Glided Shell shown below (it will be waiting on the redemption portal if you already donated)

$100+: First ever Bungie Foundation sparrow – Light Hearted

All new donor incentives are awarded cumulatively (e.g. – by giving $60 or more, donors receive all prizes listed in that incentive tier as well as each one above).You should receive an email from the Bungie Foundation which will give you a link to view and collect your rewards. If you donated using PayPal, the email will be sent to whatever email you use on for your PayPal account. To learn more and for a better look at donation rewards, view our Game2Give page.


Milestone and Goal Progress

Goal: $5,711

MilestoneIncentive Progress
$1000 Emblem giveaway on Discord (x2)
-Giveaway will go live this weekend (12/9/2022)
✅ Achieved on 12/8/2022
$2000Emblem Giveaway on Discord (x2)
$3500Emblem Giveaway on Discord (x2)
$5,711 (Goal)x1 copy of Lightfall + Annual Pass (platform of your choice)

Fundraiser Goal Progress: $1825.00 (Goal: $5,711)


About the Little Lights

The amazing Bungie community enables us to make our world a better place for all! #Game2Give

Your support today means more than ever!

In addition to making the Little Lights program possible, your donations will continue to change lives across all of The Bungie Foundation’s core initiatives including Disaster Relief and Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity. Whenever you and members of the Bungie community contribute to the cause, you are able to make the following charitable impacts:


Provides life-saving medical supplies to a family impacted by a natural disaster


Provides the Little Lights Program to a child recovering at their local children’s hospital


Provides a scholarship for a low-income student to receive education in areas of STEAM

Click here to learn more about the Bungie Foundation and Little Lights.

If you would like to register your own fundraiser with Game2Give visit the Bungie Foundation Game2Give website.

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