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Launch Dates:

September 5 @ 9PM PDT: XB1 and PS4 (see source here or video below)

October 24: PC (The Destiny 2 Beta for PC starts on August 28th and the Open Beta on August 29th.)

Visit the Official Destiny 2 Website

Pre-Order Here!

*Pre-order Destiny 2 and get the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle, Salute Emote, and Kill-Tracker Ghost. If you already preordered you will still get these items. These items will also be available to earn after December 5th. Learn more about the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle here by IGN First.


You are one of humanity’s last remaining Guardians. Your home and your power has been taken from you by a brutal invader – Ghaul. With humanity on the brink, it’s up to you to fight back and reclaim our world. (written by Bungie

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Hunter – Arcstrider (Arc)

Titan – Sentinel (Void)

Warlock – Dawnblade (Solar)

see video here or below by Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel via YouTube.


Kinect: Normal primary weapons w/o elemental damage. (Also includes sidearms and new weapon type Sub-machine Guns)

Energy: Primary weapons with elemental damage. (Also includes sidearms and new weapon type sub-machine guns)

Power: Sniper rifles, shotguns, fusion rifles, and the new grenade launchers will be in the power (heavy weapon) slot. Machine Guns may not be returning in Destiny 2.

New Weapon Type: Trace Rifle (watch video by IGN to learn more)

Weapons will have mod slots.

A new weapon foundry called Veist will be joining the other foundries Suros, Omolon, and Häkke weapon foundries.

See video here or below by planet destiny.


EDZ (Earth-European Dead Zone): The EDZ will be the first destination you visit and is the refuge site where Guardians have setup camp at “The Farm” a new social space. As stated by Bungie, the European Dead Zone will be the largest destination ever made.

IO (Moon of Jupiter): This is the sulfuric moon of Jupiter and was the last place in the solar system the Guardians touched before the collapse. IO is a sacred place to Guardians and is filled with mythology and lore. Ikora Rey has gone to this planet in search of answers.

Nessus: This planet that has been completely transformed by the Vex, who have overrun this planet, changing it into one of their machine worlds. You will find Cayde-6 here.

Titan (Moon of Saturn): A place where there is no land mass, instead you will see Golden Age structures surrounded by ocean. You will find Commander Zavala here preparing the fight against Ghaul.

Expanded Patrol Features: Outposts, Lost Sectors (dungeons where you can find bosses and earn loot), Interact with NPC’s to get quests and more, Treasure Maps and Adventures, and better planet maps (see when a public event will occur).

See video here or below by Destiny Overwatch

Destiny 2: Exploring Nessus’ Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Adventures – IGN First


New Clan Features: Clan Reward System, Custom Banners, Rosters, and Tools to build your fireteam.

Find players/clan in-game whether your solo or with other players to play activities.

See video here or below by Bungie.


New crucible modes being added to playlist are Countdown and Survival.

Crucible teams will be 4v4 instead of 6v6.

There is 10 PvP maps and 5 different game modes.

Quickplay Modes: Clash, Control, and Supremacy. Competitive Modes: Countdown and Survival.


Story will have more cinematic scenes.

Raids will have a death penalty system. (will add more about this soon, until then you may watch a video here by Mesa Sean)

New UI design and ability to launch activities without returning to orbit!

PC will be available exclusively through Blizzard. Register for a Blizzard account here.

PlayStation Exclusive’s


Written by Blizzard- We want to let everyone know that a new game will be appearing alongside your favorite Blizzard games—one that’s a little different from what you might normally expect. Bungie’s upcoming first-person action game Destiny 2 will be joining the party! We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Bungie and Activision to support the PC version of Destiny 2 exclusively via >> click here to read full article.



Destiny 2 – Official “Our Darkest Hour” E3 Trailer

Official Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer

‪Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere Archive (VoD) at:

Destiny 2 – Game Preview By: Xbox

Destiny 2 – Rally The Troops Worldwide Reveal Trailer By: DestinyGame

5 Minutes of Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Gameplay on Endless Vale By: IGN First

4 Minutes of Destiny 2 Void Warlock Gameplay on Endless Vale By: IGN First

Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Control and Its Changes By: IGN First

Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Crucible Map Endless Vale – IGN First

Destiny 2: Exploring Nessus’ Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Adventures – IGN First

Destiny 2: Exploring the New Survival PVP Mode and Altar of Flame – IGN First

Destiny 2: 7 Minutes of Survival Gameplay on Altar of Flame – IGN First

Destiny 2: Creating the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle – IGN First

Destiny 2 News: RAID INFO, New “Flashpoints” Activity, New Gun-Type, Exotic Quests, & More! By: KackisHD via YouTube

This page is periodically updated, check back occasionally for new information. I am working on possibly making a more simplified version of whats coming in Destiny 2.



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