Destiny 2: The Drifter


Weekly Drifter Bounty: Might of the Traveler

  • Earn points by casting Supers, defeating enemies with Supers, and creating Orbs of Light.

Rewards: Powerful Gear and +150 Infamy Points

⭐ Surge Bounties – Reward 640 Gear and Weapons

Inner System Tour

  • Complete 2 Public Events
  • Complete 2 Bounties.

Rewards: Pulse Rifle and Shotgun

Fireteam Up

  • Defeat 50 Enemies
  • Complete 1 Strike.

Rewards: Rocket Launcher and Chest Armor

I’ll Make You Rich(ER)

  • Send 5 Blockers
  • Complete 1 Match

Rewards: Gauntlets and Leg Armor

Tactical Refresher

  • Defeat 10 Guardians
  • Complete 1 Match

Rewards: Helmet and Class Item

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