Gamescom Livestream (Rise of Iron)

gamescom Livestream

To kick off the festivities at gamescom, we’re hosting a live party on Twitch. You’re invited. Our broadcast studio is, at this moment, being rebuilt on foreign soil. When showtime arrives, we’ll use it to serve up some more details about Rise of Iron.

gamescom Livestream

Tuesday, August 16th
10AM Pacific time
7PM German time

Ever since the reveal of this new adventure, we’ve been promising new details about the Crucible. That time arrives on the eve of gamescom, Guardians. On the hot seat will be Steve Cotton and Lars Bakken to talk about new game modes, new maps, and new features. They’ll lay down some additional context while two Fireteams engage each other.

Not a warrior of the Crucible? You’ll still want to tune in. We’ll be screening a brand new Bungie ViDoc that will explore the entire Rise of Iron player experience, all up. It will feature new glimpses of Felwinter Peak and the Plaguelands, with developer commentary about every aspect of the journey that will begin on September 20th.

We hope you’ll join us. You won’t need to travel to gamescom to get better acquainted with the Iron Lords. This livestream is your backstage pass.

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