Guardian’s Heart Initiative (Covid-19 Fundraiser via Bungie and Direct Relief)



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In response to these trying times, Bungie is excited to announce the Guardian’s Heart fundraising initiative. In partnership with Direct Relief, and in collaboration with our community, Bungie wanted to bring the full might of the community to support the healthcare workers and frontline responders who are confronting this global healthcare crisis.

Direct Relief will work with a network of providers across the globe to deliver the supplies that healthcare workers need. This includes basic personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks, gowns, and face shields. The hospitals where they work will also receive food covers, prescription medication, portable oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and other intensive care unit equipment.

Your Reward

As evidence of your kindness, a donation of $20 or more will earn you the Guardian’s Heart Emblem in Destiny 2. Donations will collected using Tiltify. Within one week of your donation, you should receive an email with the code you can redeem on to add the emblem to your collection.


Please Note:

  • Each donor will earn one emblem.
  • Donations of more than $20 are welcome, but do not grant more emblems.
  • Additional donations made using the same email will not grant more emblems.

Player Support Documentation

Players will receive an email within one week after completing their donation that will contain the emblem code and instructions on how to redeem the code on

Destiny 2 Item Code Redemption:

Please visit and login to your account, or create a new account.

  • Enter the unique 9-digit code or codes from your email and click the ENTER button.
  • The code(s) you entered will be automatically applied to all linked Destiny 2 accounts.
  • Follow the instructions on the website after the code(s) verification to pick up your emblem in-game.

After redeeming the emblem, players will be able to pull the emblem from their in-game Collections under Flair > Events.

Players who encounter issues donating through Tiltify should contact Tiltify Support. Players who encounter issues claiming the emblem code or receiving the emblem in-game should create a thread in our Help forum.

We may have to stay home, but there is a lot we can do as a community to support the heroes who are still going out into the world every day to care for the sick. Guardians have proven to be a tremendous force for good in the world and your generosity in supporting others in the fight against COVID-19 is inspiring. Thank you.

Source/Credit: Bungie Blog

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