Destiny 2 Year 2 Combat Reveal Stream – 08/07/2018


On this reveal stream you will get some questions answered such as how will you will be using your weapons next season. How will you equip them? How will you customize them? How will you earn the ammunition you’ll need to use them?

Watch on full reveal on YouTube

More info directly from recent This Week at Bungie posts:

From TWAB post: We know all this talk about new weapons and new mods has you wondering what combat will be like in the second year of Destiny 2. Rather than try to explain the new sandbox, we’re going to show you. Tune in and watch as we configure our Guardians to play a specific role in the arena. Catch a glimpse of the new user interface you’ll employ to choose your weapon and modify it. Spectate a battle between developers on a new Crucible map to debut in Season 4.

From TWAB post: Joining us again in one of the hot seats will be full-time Senior Sandbox Designer (and part-time rockstar) Jon Weisnewski. He makes some promises that we’ll keep when we go live on stream.

Newsk: Hello friends! If you’re a sharp-eyed PvP enthusiast, you may have noticed from some Forsaken coverage that the weapons are doing a bit more damage than they do in the current version of Destiny 2. If you’re a seasoned Destiny 2 player, you may then extrapolate the possibility of a global lethality pass on weapons and abilities that may or may not be in the pipe to go live when Forsaken is released. I’m here to quickly confirm that, along with weapon slots and ammo availability, we have globally adjusted the “time to kill” in the Crucible. If you’d like more details, join us on stream and we’ll get into it! See you then!

And that’s just one question we’ll answer beyond the shadow of a doubt. Tune in for a full demonstration of perks, mods, loadouts, and everything else you’ll need to know to best your fellow players in battle. We can’t give you skill, but we can equip you with a pre-mission briefing.

Save the date, follow our channels, and prepare your favorite chat room snacks.

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