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Note about Ads on this Website: I decided to enable Ads to try to help come up with funds to cover the yearly cost for this website (mainly needed for media space) and any other expense such as Adobe PS. Your opinions and experience on this website is a priority so if the ads are causing issues for you or if you have any feedback regarding this, please feel free to send me a message using the private contact form below.

Summary – What I plan to use funds on (when funds are available):

  • Ads: Cover the cost for Kyber’s Corner website and related expenses (like domain renewal or programs like Photoshop).
  • Amazon and Epic Games Creator Program: Giveaways and Charity (occasionally if it is needed, earnings may be used for other expenses such as internet). *Giveaways occur occasionally in Kyber’s Discord and on social sites. 

➡ If you are thinking about making a website/blog on WordPress, use this link and we will both earn a US $25 promotional credit toward future purchases and upgrades on For more details about this, click here.


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Another way you may further support me, is by using the KYBER3000 creator code/tag for games on the Epic Games Store.

  • Fortnite Support-a-Creator Code: Kyber3000 (Enter code in the Item Shop, expires every 14 days so you’ll have to re-enter it to keep supporting)

GAMES: The Kyber3000 tag helps support me anytime supporters use the “Kyber3000” tag when buying games on the Epic Games Store. Visit the Epic Games Store to see what games are available (more games are added to the store periodically and there are free games available occasionally). *Kyber will receive around 5% of each game sale when supporters enter creator tag Kyber3000. Your support is appreciated very much!



Use this link when buying items on to support Kyber. View my shop on Amazon to view some items I got from Amazon or items I recommend/like.

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