Your support via following, liking and sharing posts, as well as giving feedback and suggestions is appreciated very much. Donations will never be required or expected to view content, I do what I do because I enjoy it and my primary focus isn’t making a profit from it.

If you want to further support me, there are a few different ways to do so. The current options include tips via PayPal (not sure if I will keep this method), Ko-fi, or you can also support me by using my Amazon link and Epic Games Creator code when purchasing items (I will earn a portion of the sales when supporters use my Epic Games creator tag or Amazon link)

I appreciate all of you and your support means a lot! Thank You! ❤

Note about Ads on this Website: Bringing in income was never a priority of mine when I first started posting content and still isn’t, I will continue posting and making gaming related content as long as I enjoy it and have the time. However, I decided to enable WordPress Ads (w/the least amount of ads possible) from time to time to try to help come up with funds to cover the yearly cost for this website (this plan is mainly for media space). Your opinions and experience on this website is a priority so if the ads are causing issues for you or if you have any feedback regarding this, please feel free to send me a message using the private contact form below.

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What I plan to use any income for:

  • Income from WordAds: Cover the cost for Kyber’s Corner website.
  • Income from Amazon and Epic Games Creator Program: Giveaways and Charity (and occasionally may help with any other expenses like internet or programs such as Adobe).

*Giveaways occur occasionally in Kyber’s Discord and Code of 3000 Bungie Clan.


TIP VIA PayPal or Ko-Fi

If you would like to further help support Kyber’s Corner and Kyber, you may leave a tip via PayPal or Ko-Fi. Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated! ❤

*Please only tip if your financially able to and the funds/card belongs to you. Donations/Tips are non-refundable. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact Kyber3000 right away to try to resolve it.



Another way you may further support me, is by using the KYBER3000 creator code/tag for games on the Epic Games Store.

MORE GAMES: The Kyber3000 tag works for a any of the games at the Epic Games Store. You may visit the Epic Games Store to see what games are available (more games are added to the store periodically and there are free games available occasionally).



If you buy things on amazon through this link or the link below it will credit me a portion of the sale.

This shop on Amazon features items I got from Amazon or items I recommend/like. All items I have personal got on Amazon were shipped and sold by Amazon directly.

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