Destiny 2 PC Beta

The PC Beta will be available in 4k at 60fps on August 28th for those that have early access by pre-ordering Destiny 2, the Open Beta starts on August 29th if you have not pre-ordered Destiny 2. Like the console Beta, the PC Beta will include the opening Homecoming story mission, The Inverted Strike, Competitive... Continue Reading →

Destiny: This Week at Bungie – A monument to all of your wins. (June 22)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 06/22/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie we’re planning a monument to all of your wins. Even before our old friend Cayde revealed that your stuff (but, more importantly, his stuff) would soon fall prey to the Red Legion, we let you know that we were going to... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 Invades E3 – Let the games begin! (June 12th)

News // Destiny Destiny 2 Invades E3- Destiny Dev Team A proper sequel demands a proper villain. In Destiny 2, the Guardians will face a new enemy with terrible motives. It takes a mighty foe to hijack our power and evict us from our home. Meet Dominus Ghaul… Now that you know your enemy, it’s... Continue Reading →

Destiny: This Week at Bungie- Don’t forget about the “DRE” | (May 25)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 05/25/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie, our ears are ringing. Last week was an experience in sensory overload. The aircraft hangar that our friends at Activision built for the celebration was booming. The response from the community has been thunderous. You honor us with your enthusiasm for... Continue Reading →

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