This Week at Bungie 09/15/2016 (Incoming Transmission)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 09/15/2016 - DeeJ This week at Bungie we’re ready. You are reading the last weekly update before the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron. We’ve said much about Lord Saladin and his new call to arms. The last note is the Official Launch Trailer. With that, we’re done... Continue Reading →

Destiny Tower Preview (Sparrow Racing League) – 12/07/2015

Hey Guardians, Tomorrow, on December 8th, we'll open up the starting line for the Sparrow Racing League. Like any self-respecting protector of humanity, you have questions about how this fun-loving event will reward your participation with rewards that will let you customize your character - and maybe even become more powerful in the process. Before... Continue Reading →

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