Destiny Hotfix (The one about strikes) 09/29/2016

News // Updates Destiny Hotfix - 09/29/16 - Destiny Dev Team - The one about Strikes. As a follow up to the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, we're making some changes to address issues that have become apparent throughout the first week of gameplay. Activities Strikes Fixed an issue where the Abomination Heist Strike... Continue Reading →

Destiny Hot Fix – 07/28/2016 ( – The one to reduce BEAVER errors)

News // Updates Destiny Hot Fix – 07/28/2016 - Cozmo The one to reduce BEAVER errors. As an immediate follow up to Update, we are deploying a Hot Fix to reduce player facing issues on PS4 and Xbox One. This Hot Fix will be deployed to Legacy Consoles soon. Stay tuned for announcements. Technical... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie – 05/26/2016

News // Destiny This Week at Bungie – 05/26/2016 This week at Bungie we synchronized our watches. Yesterday morning saw a flurry of activity. Downstairs, we scurried around our Twitch set to prepare for a livestream. Upstairs, a different countdown marked the time remaining until the deployment of a much-anticipated Hot Fix. While cameras were... Continue Reading →

Destiny Hot Fix – 03/08/2016

News // Updates Destiny Hot Fix - 03/08/2016 - The one about new matchmaking settings. As forecast on the Bungie Blog (scroll down to "Download Incoming!"), we're deploying new settings for how we introduce players to their opponents and teammates in the Crucible. Matchmaking now operates with connection quality as the top priority. General... Continue Reading →

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