Destiny: This Week at Bungie- The Return of the [Taken] King | April 13th, 2017

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 04/13/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie, we witnessed the return of the Taken King. Oryx is back in our lives. Thanks to Age of Triumph, he’s bigger, badder, and more rewarding than ever. With King’s Fall as the Weekly Featured Raid, all the Challenge Modes that lead... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie: Between two worlds. | April 6th

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 04/06/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie, we’re standing between two worlds. Destiny 2 is the world we’re building. We’ve shared a vision of the stories we’re going to tell there. The time will come to take more steps toward that world. That time is not now, but... Continue Reading →

Destiny Weekend News | March 31st

Xur has arrived in the Tower by the Crucible Quartermaster and Trials of Osiris is live on The Burning Shrine, view post for more details. For Destiny 2 information and updates CLICK HERE. *Viewing this on WordPress reader or other sites and some devices may not show certain images/videos/correct fonts and formatting, please view website directly... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie: New beginnings and fitting endings. | March 30th

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 03/30/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie we’ve seen new beginnings. The Age of Triumph has begun. The grand finale for your Destiny 1 adventure begins when you break the seal on your Record Book. Before we send you to new worlds to experience new adventures, it is... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 Revealed: Rally the troops. | March 30th

News // Destiny Destiny 2 Revealed! - Destiny Dev Team At long last, after months of speculation, Destiny 2 has been officially revealed! Thus begins the conversation about our next adventure together. There will be so much more to say before we reunite the Guardians to reclaim their city from the most dreaded threat it has... Continue Reading →

Destiny: Arms Day | March 29th

*Viewing this post on the website directly (instead of WordPress reader or other methods) is best so images and correct formatting appear. ARMS DAY ORDERS Pick up by: Sunday, April 2nd @ 2AM Pacific You may wait and hold onto orders until you get the rolls you prefer. Häkke Lyudmila-D (Pulse Rifle) Häkke Strongbow-D (Shotgun) Häkke Jingukogo-D (Shotgun)... Continue Reading →

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