The Divison: State of the Game | January 19th

STATE OF THE GAME: JANUARY 19TH, 2017 01.19.2017 06:00PM Greetings Agents! Last week’s State of the Game was quick recap of some key information. This week we have some news for you, and oh is it going to be good! Want to know everything there is to know about Last Stand? You’ll find it all... Continue Reading →

The Division – Intelligence Annex #13: Taking a Stand | January 19th

INTELLIGENCE ANNEX #13: TAKING A STAND 01.19.2017 05:00PM Agents, Player versus Player combat in The Division has always been a special kind of beast, taking place in the dangerous and infamous Dark Zone where PvE and PvP gameplay mix. Gameplay in the Dark Zone has always been open-ended and without any clear objectives, as it... Continue Reading →

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