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Today, on March 8, 2017, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. We would like to take this moment to look back at the journey we have all shared during the last 12 months and how we are celebrating the anniversary, both outside and inside the game. We also want to take a first brief look at what the future holds for The Division!

First, we would like to extend a huge thanks to our community, to all the people that have stuck with us since the announcement of the game at E3 in 2013 and to all the players that have joined us since. Thank you to all the people who take part in the discussions on our official forums, on the Division subreddit, on Twitch, on Twitter and on Facebook. In addition, of course, a big thank you to all the content creators – all our fan sites, the cosplayers, fan artists, podcasters, video creators and streamers. Our community is amazing, and your passion and dedication have been – and continue to be – essential to us as we developed, launched and expanded the game.

There have been rough times, but as we look back at our first year with The Division, we are proud of what we have created and where we are right now. From the first betas to launch, from the first expansion to the game changing Update 1.4, Survival and Last Stand, The Division has come a long, long way. Our fantastic teams at Massive Entertainment, Reflections, Red Storm and Annecy have been working like crazy to make this game great and we want to thank everyone involved in its development.

Under the continued leadership of producer Cristian Pana, creative director Julian Gerighty and game director Mathias Karlson, we are ready to expand on The Division further. Cristian and Julian, together with senior game designer Drew Rechner, visited us on our special anniversary stream to talk about our dedication to The Division and its future. If you missed the stream, make sure to watch it below!

Watch full stream at:

Come celebrate on Manhattan

Of course, we will celebrate the anniversary of The Division inside the game itself as well and we will be running special events all week! Starting at 1pm GMT+1 on March 9, and ending at 6pm GMT+1 on March 11, we’ll be giving out double rewards for High Value Targets. Straight after that, running until 10am GMT+1 on March 16, you will get double Field Proficiency caches whenever you fill out your Field Proficiency bar.

TCTD_Anniversary_finalAs a special gift and thank you to our active players, we will be giving you the special Celebration emote! All you will have to do to get it is to log into the game at some point between 1pm GMT+1 on March 9 and 10am GMT+1 on March 16. At the same time as you get the emote, we will give you 200 premium credits to spend at the Premium Vendor in whatever way you like.

Join us on (our virtual version of) Manhattan and celebrate The Division’s first birthday!

Special soundtrack LP and Agent Figurine

One aspect of The Division that often gets a lot of (well-deserved) praise is the soundtrack, composed by our very own Ola Strandh. Just in time for our first anniversary, we have teamed up with record label Spacelab9 and will be releasing a double LP set featuring 20 never released before tracks by Ola! The set will be available exclusively at, beginning on March 10, packaged in a beautiful gatefold jacket.



On March 16, together with Ubi Workshop and UbiCollectibles, we are releasing the new SHD Agent Figurine! The incredibly detailed, 24-centimeter tall figurine comes with three different backlighted elements – his watch, Seeker Mine and communicator all light up. Check it out here.

Oh, and one more thing

As we mentioned above, we are still very much dedicated to the future of The Division, and before we go, we want to give you an update on some of the things you can expect over the coming months. We will have a lot more information on the subject for you soon, but we do not want to celebrate our first year without giving you a couple of major spoilers!

During 2017, we will be releasing two major content updates to The Division. These updates will add new engaging activities to the game and we are excited to announce that they will be completely free to all of our players and released simultaneously on all platforms! Both are under heavy development right now and we cannot wait to share them with you. We will also keep releasing bug fixing and balancing updates throughout the year to support the game and as a part of our long-term commitment to The Division, we will be working to improve all current existing game activities at the same time as we are adding new content.

While we need to keep many details under wraps for now, we want to introduce some of the major features coming in the first content update, set to release this summer.

First up is our take on “Seasons”: special curated playlists of missions with a twist. Using special gameplay modifiers, these missions will force you to play differently to what you are used to – using weapons, skills and tactics you might not use normally. The better you perform, the more points you will get. After running for a limited time, the Season will end, the scores will be tallied and rewards will be given out, before a new Season starts a while later with a new playlist and new modifiers. The timing of the different Seasons, as well as their official name, will be confirmed later, as they are still under development.

Over the course of the year, we are planning for several separate Seasons, which will continuously bring breaths of fresh air and new challenges to The Division.

Secondly, we are adding Feats, special The Division achievements unlocked by performing challenges in the game including, but not limited to, kill challenges, helping other agents and exploring New York. They will also include unique challenges that will encourage you to experiment with different builds and playstyles. As you finish certain Feats, you will be rewarded with special cosmetic patches to put on your character’s uniform, so that you can show off your grand achievements to your fellow agents. There will be a wide range of Feats available when the feature launches, but we will also be adding new ones over time.

We are also implementing one of our most requested features to the game – loadouts. These will allow you to save your equipment builds and easily switch between them, which will be a huge quality of life improvement for many of our players.

The second year of The Division will be an exciting one. Stay tuned for more information, enjoy celebrating the first anniversary, and we will see you on Manhattan!

Again – thank you!

/The Division Dev Team

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