This Week at Bungie 09/15/2016 (Incoming Transmission)

THis week at bungie 09/15/16
This Week At Bungie – 09/15/2016
This week at Bungie we’re ready.
You are reading the last weekly update before the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron. We’ve said much about Lord Saladin and his new call to arms. The last note is the Official Launch Trailer.
With that, we’re done talking about Rise of Iron. Next comes the time when we get to listen. It’s your turn to tell the stories that you write on the way up to the top of Felwinter Peak. That’s when we know what we’ve wrought.
Are you ready? We know this guy is ready.
That’s Bungie World Art Tester Tony Lair. When he isn’t helping our team build new frontiers for you to explore, he’s letting the Iron Lords get under his skin. Like the rest of us, he’s really into his work. Like the rest of us, it’s left a bold impression on him.
We hope you’ll join us in the Plaguelands. Revealing our creations is fun. Exposing new details about the journey that awaits you is a rush. Yet, there is no substitute for watching someone else play the games we make. We’re so ready to pass the mic to you.
Before the first shots are fired at the Devil Splicers, we have some final notes on housekeeping.

Stream Key has just been infused with a new feature that will enable you to link to Twitch. Right now, you can visit the Settings on your Profile page to get ready.
  • Link your Twitch account to your Profile
  • Enable a new Twitch Badge for your Profile page
  • Provide your friends with a prompt when you’re streaming
Here’s what a member of the Destiny Companion Dev Team had to say about this new functionality. Jake Lauerhelps us build the tech that Guardians use to connect with Bungie, their Guardians, and each other. This is another step to bring us closer together.
Jake: I’m excited about this because it’s our first foray into promoting player streaming on It opens the door for us to start adding more features for streamers to promote themselves and become celebrities in the Destiny community. We have lots of ideas, but none of them are possible without this first step. We hope lots of players link their accounts and start streaming, so they can be a part of what we have planned!
This is just the beginning of better integration between and Twitch. Consult Player Support for more details.
There are more features and incentives on the way. Today, you’re invited to take the first step with us. Get yourself a front row seat, or take the stage yourself. We believe that Destiny is always better when it’s shared.
Final Countdown
Deploying an expansion to a live piece of software ain’t like dusting crops. Without precise calculations, you could bounce too close to a rogue line of code, and that could end your trip real quick. Thankfully, Destiny Player Supportis here to plot a safe course that leads us starside.
This is their report.
Local Network Fireteam Issues
Since the release of Destiny Update, we have been investigating an issue where some players are unable to join Local Network Fireteams. Through our investigation, we have identified some of the causes for this issue. Destiny Update 2.4.0 addressed one of these, and we are continuing to investigate other potential causes.
We thank all players who have gone through the troubleshooting steps listed within our pinned Local Network Fireteam Issues thread, and for providing requested information. The information collected through these reports has been vital to our investigation.
Once additional information is available, we will update the pinned thread mentioned above.
2.4.0 Known Issues
The following updates have been made to our 2.4.0 Known Issues thread:
  • Clan Rosters are once again available in-game. For all information concerning Clan Rosters, please see this Help Article.
  • Private Matches are now live. Players may experience error code QUAIL if too many players attempt to join a Fireteam at the same time. If you experience this issue, please attempt to join the Fireteam once more.
  • Destiny – The Collection upgrade is currently unavailable for some qualifying players. We are actively working with platform partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • Public Event Rewards outlined within the Destiny Update 2.4.0 article are not yet in effect. This change will happen with the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron on September 20th, 2016.
  • The Consumed Ghost Shell no longer matches it’s icon in-game. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Firefly Perk may still cause some players to experience game crashes in some circumstances. We are continuing to investigate.
  • Taken War Heroic Strikes are not currently rewarding Legendary Marks upon the first three completions of this activity. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Chroma Grimoire Card is currently unavailable to new Destiny players. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Warlock Exotic Helmet “The Stag” is currently unavailable from Exotic Armor Blueprint Collection. We are actively investigating this issue.
If you experience any issues after accepting Destiny Update 2.4.0 that are not listed, please see the pinned2.4.0 Known Issues thread in the #Help forum for additional information.
Destiny Hotfix and
In preparation for Destiny: Rise of Iron, we will be deploying Hotfix and Hotfix on Monday September 19th, 2016. These updates, deployed simultaneously, will address the following issues:
  • Film Grain issues introduced in Update 2.4.0
  • Issues impacting Revive Timers
  • Quest Tracking on some Vendors, Cosmodrome, and Mars
  • Volume issues impacting some lines from Lord Shaxx in the Crucible
Information concerning the release times Hotfix and Hotfix will be announced via @BungieHelp. Once deployed, additional patch notes will also be posted here.
Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch
Rise of Iron is planned to become available at 2:00 AM PDT (9:00 UTC) on September 20th, 2016. If you experience any issues, please visit for all Help Articles and Guided Support, or post a report to the #Help forum. Destiny Player Support will be on standby to assist throughout the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, and beyond.
And finally, we are aware of an unauthorized transmission of tech mites in the Crucible. Early reports indicate that this is resulting in increased XP gains, but we have yet to substantiate those claims.

End of an Era
Lord Saladin watches the Plaguelands from Felwinter Peak. Your Community Manager keeps an eye on the rest of the action in Destiny from his perch right here on
Cozmo: They won again. 13 weeks in a row. It is finished.
High Score – 100,550
Second Place – 88,005
Third Place – 77,035
When we set this this segment up none of us thought one team would be so dominant. With Rise of Iron only days away, it’s time to retire the Elder Champions component of this weekly ritual. Challenge of Elders will still be playable, but we will no longer be reporting the High Scores. SdBattlefront, RedSox007, and BlazeBoss17are going out on top. They will always be remembered as the undisputed Elder Champions.
Maybe we’ll interview them in their own Community Focus sometime.

Screen Time
Cozmo again: The Creations page is still stocked full of great content. It’s hard each week to decide who will win the coveted Movie of the Week. This week we had a hard time deciding, and went ahead and gave out extra Honorable Mentions. Because why not? All of today’s winners will be going home with rare Emblems. There are a lot of movies to enjoy, so let’s get started.
Movie of the Week: Rise Up
Honorable Mention: Gone
Honorable Mention: The Life Exotic
Honorable Mention: We Were Here
Honorable Mention: Percussion Ensemble

Tuesday is a day we’ve been waiting for. We know you’ve been waiting too. It’s been a whirlwind for us to get to this point. We’ve crossed oceans and milestones to get here. Now your journey begins.
Thanks for being a part of the conversation that has led up to this moment. Prepare the lead the charge.
DeeJ, out.
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