This Week in Destiny 2 – Week 10 Preview

Here’s a preview of what’s happening This Week 𝒾𝓃 Destiny 2.

Week beginning: Tuesday, October 24 at 10 AM PT

Week Ends: Tuesday, October 31 at 10 AM PT

Maintenance for Update

Update goes live Tomorrow, October 17.


◈ Start: 7 AM PDT / 2 PM UTC
◈ Offline (Players Logged Out): 7:15 AM PDT / 2:15 PM UTC
◈ Online (Log In Re-enabled): 10 AM PDT / 5 PM UTC
◈ End: 12 PM PDT / 7 PM UTC

For more details visit the Server Status page.


Heist Battleground: Europa – Brave the cold winds of Europa to reclaim fragments of a hidden submind’s code from the depths of Bray Exoscience.

Featured Weapon:

The Swarm (Machine Gun)

This is the last week to earn the Adept version of The Swarm. The regular version will be available through engram focusing with Zavala.

*Corrected this to The Swarm since that’s what Bungie stated drops for the final time next week. If it is Warden’s Law, changes will be made.

View Shields/Champions for Nightfalls this season.

Festival of the Lost

Continues until November 6, 2023

View more on our Festival of the Lost page.

Crucible Rotator

Clash + Team Scorched

Crucible Labs

Mode: Checkmate Rumble

Available until: October 31, 2023


  • Achieve victory by defeating opponents. No teams. No allegiance. A free-for-all where the leader had better watch their back.
  • Ability and Primary ammo damage is reduced. Special ammo is earned by engaging in combat and is not lost on death.

Checkmate Modifiers

  • Ability recharge time: Slowed
  • Special ammo is earned by engaging in combat.
  • Special ammo is not lost on death.

Exotic Mission

Mission: Presage

Reward: Dead Man’s Tale (Exotic Scout Rifle)

Featured Raid

Raid: Deep Stone Crypt

Requirement: Beyond Light

Exotic Weapon: Eyes of Tomorrow (Exotic Rocket Launcher)

ℹ️ Rare random drop from final boss chest.

Loot Table

View Challenges

Featured Dungeon

Dungeon: Shattered Throne

Requirement: Forsaken pack

Related Exotic Weapon: Wish-Ender (Exotic Combat Bow)

ℹ️ Complete the “Broken Awoken Talisman” Quest.

Loot Table

Here’s a look at loot leaving the Trials and Nightfall loot pool (normal weapon versions will be available through engram focusing with their respective vendors).

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