This Week in Destiny 2 – Week 9 Preview

Here’s a preview of what’s happening This Week 𝒾𝓃 Destiny 2.

Week beginning: Tuesday, October 17 at 10 AM PT

Week Ends: Tuesday, October 24 at 10 AM PT

Maintenance for Update 7.2.5

Update 7.2.5 goes live Tomorrow, October 17.


◈ Start: 6 AM PDT / 1 PM UTC
◈ Offline (Players Logged Out): 7:15 AM PDT / 2:15 PM UTC
◈ Online (Log In Re-enabled): 10 AM PDT / 5 PM UTC
◈ End: 12 PM PDT / 7 PM UTC

For more details visit the Server Status page.


The Scarlet Keep – Investigate the recently erected Scarlet Keep and discover its dark purpose.

Featured Weapon:

Buzzard (Sidearm)

View Shields/Champions for Nightfalls this season.

Crucible Rotator

Rift + Team Scorched

Crucible Labs

Mode: Checkmate Rumble

Available until: October 31, 2023


  • Achieve victory by defeating opponents. No teams. No allegiance. A free-for-all where the leader had better watch their back.
  • Ability and Primary ammo damage is reduced. Special ammo is earned by engaging in combat and is not lost on death.

Checkmate Modifiers

  • Ability recharge time: Slowed
  • Special ammo is earned by engaging in combat.
  • Special ammo is not lost on death.

Exotic Mission

Mission: Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Reward: Revision Zero (Pulse Rifle)

Featured Raid

Raid: Garden of Salvation

Requirement: Shadowkeep

Exotic Weapon: Divinity (Trace Rifle)

ℹ️ Complete the Divinity quest (which requires Garden of Salvation completion).

Raid Challenges:

First Encounter


Second Encounter


Third Encounter

(Consecrated Mind)

Final Encounter

(Sanctified Mind)

Leftovers (Staying Alive)

A Link to the


To the


Zero to One


Do not kill spawning Cyclopses (the Cyclopses in the first two rooms).

All fireteam members must link (receive the enlightened buff) at the same time.

Always deposit 10 motes at a time.

Fill each bank (conflux) with 30 motes, within 10 seconds of initially depositing the first set of motes.

Loot Table

Featured Dungeon

Dungeon: Pit of Heresy

Requirement: Shadowkeep

Exotic Weapon: Hierarchy of Needs (Exotic Combat Bow)

ℹ️ Complete The Journey Quest (which requires Pit of Heresy completion).

View our Xenophage quest guide.

Loot Table

Festival of the Lost

Begins: October 17 at 10 AM PDT

Access: Free Event

A new engram has been introduced for Festival of the Lost called Eerie Engram. These engrams have two uses: players can open them individually for loot or save them to use as currencies for Hocus Focusing (engram focusing).

How to Earn Eerie Engrams?

Haunted Sectors completions have a chance to drop Eerie Engrams. Legend Haunted Sectors have a higher chance to drop these engrams.

Hocus Focusing

Eva Levante will offer Exotic Focusing like Rahool. Players will be able to acquire Exotic armor and Legendary Weapons through Eerie Engram focusing.


  • Weapons Eerie Engram
    • Festival weapons for a higher candy cost.
  • Exotic Arms Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Legs Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Helmet Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Chest Eerie Engram

Hocus Focusing Costs

Weapons Eerie Engram

Exotic Armor Eerie Engram

New Memento

This weapon will be dropping during Festival of the Lost this year (limited-time only). It is a random drop from Eerie Engrams.

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