This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr and Trials (03.13 – 03.17)


This weekend you can find Xûr hanging out in the Tower’s Hangar and the Trials map is The Burning Shrine. View Xûr’s complete inventory and Trials info below.



A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine. (Note: For a larger view of the infographic above, click and open it, and then zoom in for larger text.)

Departs: Tues, Mar 17 @ 10 AM PT

Where is Xur? Hangar, Tower (Green arrow below is Xur’s location)

Exotic Armor – 23 LS

Titan: Ashen Wake – Helmet

Hunter: Lucky Pants – Leg Armor

Warlock: Chromatic Fire – Chest Armor

Exotic Weapon – 29 LS

Coldheart – Trace Rifle

  • Element: Arc Arc | Type: Energy | Ammo: Special

Other Items

Exotic Engram (97 LS)

  • An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor. This item can be purchase only once per week, per account.

Five of Swords – NF Challenge Card (No Cost)

  • Enables modifiers in Nightfall strikes on Prestige difficulty. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers. This will replace a Rare Challenge Card in your inventory.

Invitation of the Nine – Quest (9 LS)

More Info

Check out the IG Story for a larger view of Xur’s Items.

Graphic: | Post:

Xûr Mega-thread via DTG Reddit

Destiny 2. XUR NEW EXOTICS & TRIALS VENDOR! Xur Location, Exotics, Saint 14 Trials Inventory & More! by Mesa Sean



Arrives: Live Now for ALL players! Power Level: 960+

Departs: Tuesday, March 17 @ 10 AM Pacific

Mode: 3v3 Competitive PvP (Notes: Trials of Osiris will match you with opponents based on your connections and how many wins you have logged on your current Passage.)

Map: The Burning Shrine

See the source image

Info from Bungie Blog Post:

For everyone not familiar with Trials of Osiris, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect. The game mode is 3v3 Elimination, using the same rules showcased in the last few Seasons. The key difference is that Saint-14 will be calling the matches, and now your Power matters. You must be 960 Power to participate. Your Trials Passage, or “card” is your ticket in. Try to get as many wins as possible before you hit three losses and have to start over. Earn a flawless victory by winning seven matches with no losses. You can reset your Trials Passage at any time by accessing the item in your quests, or on the Trials of Osiris activity node.

One change from the previous Trials of Osiris is that there are no Boons that you will need to purchase and apply. Instead, there will be five different Trials Passages you can choose from that offer different bonuses built in like forgiving one loss per run or granting bonus experience from wins that increase with the number of wins on a ticket.

Players will also be able to earn Trials Tokens to turn into Saint-14 to increase their reputation and earn Trials Engrams. Any Tokens that a player doesn’t spend that week will be removed when Trials ends at the next weekly reset so spend them if you got them.

Get more details on these features and how Trials of Osiris will work in Bungie’s full Trials of Osiris help article.

For more details and to view rewards available, visit the Trials of Osiris page.



  • Zavala will send you to retrieve a weapon from the Vanguard Vault (Requires Season Pass)
  • Upgrading the EDZ Seraph Bunker continues (Requires Season Pass).
  • Team Scorched and Countdown returns to the Crucible.



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Have a great weekend!

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