Twitch: Affiliate Sub Button Now Available and New Mobile App Update Coming! (June 28)

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Subscriptions for Affiliates is NOW AVAILABLE and an updated Twitch mobile app is coming soon! View below for more information.

Subscriptions for Affiliates

For streamers, subscriptions are an important tool to help grow their community and build steady income from their channel. For viewers, subscribing is a rite of passage. When you find that community you can really connect with and a streamer that makes you feel welcome, it’s the natural next step to subscribe and help sustain that community if you are able to. Once you do, you’ve got sub emotes in common with a circle of friends that share the same inside jokes. Subscribing signals to the rest of the community that you are there to stay and makes you part of the streamer’s inner circle. And now you can be one of the first to subscribe to an Affiliate starting this week! If you follow an Affiliate, go to your follows page now, click on their icon, and subscribe!

Affiliates will have access to all subscription options: $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99/month, as well as the Twitch Prime free subscription. They’ll have one sub emote for all subscribers, and two additional slots for $9.99 and $24.99 subs. And just like Partners, Affiliates will be able to offer sub-only chat.

Many Twitch Partners can remember with crystal clarity the first time someone subscribed to them. They talk about how humbled they were that someone was willing to step up and offer ongoing support. Today we congratulate all the Twitch Affiliates who will now have the opportunity to forge those lasting connections with their new subscribers.

Burning Questions:

Q. I’m an Affiliate. How do I upload my sub emote(s)?

A. As soon as your Sub button appears this week, you can upload your emote(s). Go to the Settings tab in your Dashboard, click Emoticons, then Edit, and upload your emoticon in the sizes specified, and then click Save Changes. You can find more details about sub emotes here.

Q. How long will it take for my sub emote(s) to be approved?

A. Review of Affiliate emotes can take up to a week or more, and there may be delays as we work through all the new emotes from tens of thousands of Affiliates. This process cannot be expedited (attempting to do so may, in reality, slow the process down). As well, events and holidays may extend the approval process, so please be patient while waiting for review.

Q. What is my Sub Emote Prefix?

A. It will be autoselected for you based on your Twitch username. You will find it on the emoticon upload page from the Settings tab in your Dashboard.

Q. Can I change my Sub Emote prefix?

A. We are not allowing changes to Affiliate sub emote prefixes at this time.

Q. When is Subscription gifting launching?

A. We’re working hard to deliver this feature as soon as we can! (Update: As of June 28 at 11am PDT, Subscriptions are live for Affiliates!)

Article by: Robin Fontaine

Twitch App for Mobile – New Update Coming Soon!

Connect to the passions and creators you care about most with the Twitch App for Android and iOS. A deeply personalized experience with robust discovery tools, our mobile app puts every aspect of your community at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.

[office src=”″ width=”320″ height=”180″]

or click here to watch video shown above.

Discover the Best Live Content Anywhere

Completely rebuilt the way you discover and access content. Instead of burying things you want deep in the menu, we’ve put the most important things right on the bottom of every main page: Live, Pulse, and Browse.

Live- Streamers are the heart of Twitch, so we made them even easier to find. The live content you care about most will be just one press away. Find followed channels, friends, and whispers all in one convenient location.

Pulse – The best of Twitch, tailored just for you. Find live streams, clips, updates, and more from new and followed Twitch streamers.

Browse- Easily find new games and streams by browsing the full breadth of Twitch content. And now, streams popular in your region and language will be easier to locate.

New Features:

Swipe to Change- Use swiping motions to easily select new videos, return to a previous stream, access playlists, and more.

Instant Playlists- Swiping down anywhere at any time will produce an instant playlist filled with content you’ll want to see next. Whether it’s the next live channel in your followed queue or the next top stream in your favorite category, there will always be something new to watch.

Notifications- You’ll now have the same notification center on your mobile device as you do on the web. Find out instantly when your favorite streamers go live, post a video, and more.

Language Ranking- When filtering by language, sometimes you miss out on the top streams in your region when they’re not in your language. That’s why we’re doing away with language filtering and introducing language ranking. Now, when many people of the same language or region are watching a specific stream, it will be easier for you to find it, regardless of the language the stream itself is actually in.

One Touch to Live

With mobile streaming, going live is as simple as pressing a button. Stream to your channel directly from your phone’s camera to the Twitch App – no need to switch between other apps

Make the App Your Own

Dark Mode- The highly requested “dark mode” is here. Our background colors are now a few shades darker, perfect for watching late-night streams. You can revert to the old colors as well.

Profiles- Profiles let you showcase your favorite videos and posts, any time you want.

Download the Twitch App

Connect to the passions and creators you care about most with the Twitch App for Android and iOS. A deeply personalized experience with robust discovery tools puts every aspect of your community at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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