Destiny 2: Xur’s Treasure Hoard

Icon depicting Xûr.


Vendors: Xûr, Purveyor of Strange Goods and Starhorse

Location: Eternity

Quest Available: And Out Fly the Wolves (View more info here)

A Look at Xur’s Menu (as of Day One of 30th Anniversary Release)

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By default, you may only open the large chest next to Xur, which grants new weapons. However, there are several other chests located in the Treasure Hoard as well.

Armor Sets (Located in the corners of room, where statues of each class are..)

TypeRankCostChest Location
Helmet4x3 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Arms4x3 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Chest7x5 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Legs10x5 Treasure KeysCorners of room
Class Item13x7 Treasure KeysCorners of room

Other Items (These large chests are located in the center-ish of the room)

Celebration Weapon ModMust have completed To the Daring Go the Spoils.x1 Treasure Key
Sparrow16x7 Treasure Key
Ship16x7 Treasure Key

Treasure Hoard Treasure Keys Rewards

RankCost and Reward
Rank 1x1 Treasure Key: 30th Anniversary Weapon Chest
x1 Treasure Key: Sweaty Confetti Chest
Rank 4x3 Treasure Keys: Helmet Universal Ornament
x3 Treasure Keys: Arms Universal Ornament
Rank 7x5 Treasure Keys: Chest Universal Ornament
Rank 10x5 Treasure Keys: Boots Universal Ornament
Rank 13x7 Treasure Keys: Class Item Universal Ornament
Rank 16x3 Treasure Keys: Equator Shell Exotic Ghost Shell
x5 Treasure Keys: Inspired Eidolon Sparrow
x7 Treasure Keys: Unixûrsal Voyager Exotic Ship

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Treasure Chest Weapons

From the large Chest by Xur, requires Treasure Keys.

Weapon NameType
Pardon Our DustKinetic Shotgun
Wastelander M5Kinetic Shotgun
BxR-55 BattlerEnergy Pulse Rifle (solar)
Retraced PathTrace Rifle (legendary/solar)
Half-TruthsPower Sword (arc)
The Other HalfPower Sword (void)

Titan Armor (This armor is available from the chest in the Treasure Hoard)

Pfhorian HelmHelmet
Pfhorian GauntletsArms
Pfhorian PlateChest Armor
Pfhorian GreavesLegs
Pfhorian MarkClass Item

Deimosborn MaskHelmet
Deimosborn GripsArms
Deimosborn VestChest Armor
Deimosborn StridesLegs
Deimosborn CloakClass Item

Warlock Armor (This armor is available from the chest in the Treasure Hoard)

S’phtish CoverHelmet
S’phtish GlovesArms
S’phtish RobesChest Armor
S’phtish BootsLegs
S’phtish BondClass Item

Other Items

Equator Shell Exotic Ghost ShellExotic Ghost Shell
Unixûrsal VoyagerExotic Ship
Inspired EidolonExotic Sparrow
Sweaty ConfettiLegendary Weapon Mod

NOTE: This loot table is being updated.

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Vendor Loot Table


Check out the Starhorse page for more details and info.


Weapon NameTypeSeason
Outrageous FortuneArrivals
The Last DanceArrivals
Steel SybilArrivals
Last PerditionArrivals

Titan Armor

Armor NameTypeSeason
Lost Pacific GauntletsTitan ArmsLost
Lost Pacific HelmTitan HelmetLost
Lost Pacific GrievesTitan LegsLost
Lost Pacific MarkTitan Class ItemLost
BrayTech Iron-Heart EngineTitan Chest ArmorWorthy
BrayTech Absolute Zero MarkTitan ArmsWorthy
BrayTech Sn0helmTitan LegsWorthy

Hunter Armor

Warlock Armor


Credit: @alex_mmorales on Twitter



These are the other rewards you can obtain by completing Triumphs (view Triumphs on

TriumphObjectiveRewardTriumphs Points
Let’s See What You’ll Be Taking HomeSpend Treasure Keys in Xûr’s Treasure Room on Eternity.
Repeat WinnerDefeat final bosses in Dares of Eternity.Anniversary Pose emote
Special Guest ScarDefeat Xûr’s Chosen in the Lightning Round.Ultra Plasmic Shader
Old Friends, Old CouchComplete Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty with a fireteam of 2 to 4 Guardians.The Seat of Power multiplayer emote
Fateful SpinFace each of the Wheel of Adversity’s challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty.Joyful Burst exotic emote
Special Guest ScarDefeat Xûr’s Chosen in the Lightning Round.
Daring DisplaysComplete Starhorse bounties. Weekly and Legend-difficulty Starhorse bounties grant additional progress.
Paraversal PrizeEarn the Exotic Sidearm, Forerunner.
Grasp of Avarice CompleteComplete the “Grasp of Avarice” dungeon.Absolutely Cursed legendary emblem40
And Out Fly the WolvesEarn the Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn.20
The Richest Dead Man AliveRecover Wilhelm-7’s messages.Hraesveglur – Gjallarhorn Ornament10
30th AnniversaryComplete all (10) 30th Anniversary Triumphs.GRANTS TITLE: Vidmaster
Class-specific universal ornament (i.e., Thy Fearful Symmetry for the Warlock looks like a tiger’s helm)

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